Saturday, February 26, 2011

"I think I've got the black lung, Pop"

I haven't been on in nearly a week, and for that, I apologize.
I do not apologize, however, for my excuse for not being on. Cause it's legit.
Once a month, since I have started working at the school, I have come down with some sort of sinus-plugging, death-cough, alien-colored, goopy nastiness. I am rendered useless. Coughing like I'm somewhere between puking and dying, sinus pressure so that my head feels like it's imploding.
I, the  midnight-is-an-early-bed-time night owl, was unconscious by 9:30 last night. Case and point.

I'll be better by the time I go back to work. Or, at least, I should be. Usually this lasts about four days. It'll wipe me out for one or two, and then I'll suddenly be back to normal.

I blame the old building the school rents. In this sort of wet, humid environment, ANYTHING could be growing in that building. I went to high school in the basement there, and I don't remember getting this sick, but Julie does. She was sick all the first year.  I would blame the first-year teacher getting all of the kiddie cooties, but I've only come down with the same illness, and there have been at least three or four different flu bugs in the school, including Strep. Have I come down with any of that? No, just this dreadful mucus breeding nastiness.

So, yes, when I'm cured, I'll be back on like a champ. For now, I'm grading papers in bed, watching old DVDs.

Yes, I am a wimp. But, at this point in my life, when I have a day off while ill, I'm taking advantage of it. ;]
I just wish I weren't sick when my little sis is over for the weekend while the parentals are out of town. Not that she minds--staying over here means all the food she can eat and all the movies she can watch . . . after finishing her homework, that is.

Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments on my last post--I'm not completely giving up on teaching, yet--I just have to meet with the person in charge about future employment as she sets up positions for next year, but she's been so busy getting stuff ready for the purchase of a new school building, understandably, that I haven't gotten to talk to her. It's all good :]

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