Saturday, February 5, 2011


 Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.
--Steven Wright

When God made cats, he did it with a great sense of humor.

Explanation maybe?
  • First off for the past week, our cats have been the main source of drama and income devouring this past week . . . no, actually, since we bought them  . . . 
  • Cat 1--Now known fondly as "Puke Pot"--pukes constantly for a week. So vet puts her on a healthy allergen food or something because the vet says she MIGHT have a food allergy.
  • Puke Pot decides she absolutely ABHORS healthy food. You thought people diet food was bad? Normal cat food is bad, diet cat food is . . . well . . .it's bad. We'll leave it at that. 
  • So Cat 2--fondly known as "Stink Pot"--has decided she LOVES this revolting diet stuff. No really, she goes crazy for it. But it's EXPENSIVE food meant for one kitty . . . and it affects Stink Pot in negative ways
  • You see, Puke Pot has stopped puking but Stink Pot stinks more than ever. No really. The gas she had before, has quadrupled . . . often in my face . . . or, if not exactly, very nearby (she's my snuggle buddy) . . . enough for it to burn. BAD. And when she decides to use the litter box the entire apartment smells. BAD. She's a biological weapon of mass destruction. No, really.
  • Oh, and Puke Pot left my first graders a gift. Oh, and let me know why she was probably puking. There was, I kid you not, the world's largest hairball, in several chunks, all over my stack of grammar and spelling tests. That I still have to grade. Yay me.
And yet, I cannot get enough of these insane furballs.

P.S. We really didn't name them Puke Pot and Stink Pot . . . we aren't that mean . . .


  1. So I just read your Boy Meets Girl tab, freaking adorable! And "deep in smit" is quite possibly the most ingenious phrase in existence. I love reading your handiwork!!

  2. Haha Thanks Abi! The deep smit was actually one of Chris's favorite lines from the movie "So I Married An Axe Murderer" . . . I'm not that smart lol ']

  3. such cute cats. I have one. He looks just like the one on the right. Such a sweet heart.


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