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Miracle of miracles! You've somehow found THIS blog, of all the blogs to find, and maybe you're wondering what I do here.

So, I'll lay it out here: I tell stories. I rave, I ramble, I write.
Occasionally, I'll share a recipe, give a book review, or post photographs of our misadventures and beautiful places (though I do not claim to be a photographer by ANY means .... nope, not even a little).
I'm not a regular crafter, I'm still figuring out this "mommy" deal (love it as I may), and, to me, "fashion" means a favorite tee-shirt with a cardigan and a pair of Converse sneakers. I do not live what many would call an "exotic life." In the words of Kathleen Kelly, "I live a small life--valuable but small."
Plus it's FUN.  Life is fun.
And when it's not, life is REAL, and I believe in that, too.

So, here I am.
I tell stories: memories, misadventures, and thoughts on life, the universe, and everything.

But back to the point.
If you want to know what my blog feels like beyond the random ramblings, here are a few posts that have been pretty popular.

Thank you SO much for dropping by! If you visit, drop me a line--I'd LOVE to see your blogs, too! :]

^^^ Look at that! I found another way to use those two years of college French classes! Huzzah!

Photo by Cory Callahan

And, P.S. I use DISQUS for comments and LOVE it! If you comment on my site, it emails me, and I can comment RIGHT back on the blog, and it will email you my response IF you are a DISQUS member. If not, be sure to check back on the post because I DO reply :] If you drop by, let me know because I'd love to stop by your blog and say, "Hey!"

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  1. Hey, I have just found your blog! Been reading through a few things and I find your writing delightful :)
    Stop by mine if you feel like it:


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