Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sharon and Jesse: Engaged!

I'm going to be honest: you people who have photography blogs, who take pictures of human beings and then write a post about it--props to you. It's hard. I mean, how you find those words to gush about couples as you present the images you've captured of their love?

Because, seriously, the kids in these photos are awesome.  No matter all the pretty phrases I put together, I can't really do them justice :]

Chris and I met these two seven months after our move.  We were confused and lonely--we'd been trying to months to make friends and kept coming up empty.  So one summer night we nervously walked in the door to one more small group and sat down, terrified and little hopeful.  We stayed until nearly eleven o'clock and left giving hugs. As soon as we were in the car, I was giddily texting my mother (at 2 AM her time), "WE MET NERDS!!! WE HAVE FRIENDS!!!"

Jesse and Sharon (her name's actually Rose of Sharon--isn't that the coolest?) are a delight.  They're smart, funny, warm, and totally comfortable in their own skins. They have a way of making everyone in the room feel completely at home and laughing.

 If you read this post, you know I was privileged enough to capture Jesse's sweet proposal at Yosemite. So, when they asked me a couple months later to take their engagement photos . . . I was terrified. I don't typically photograph people. They make eye contact. And move. And stuff.  Landscapes and cats are much less intimidating. More than that, I was very much afraid I'd do poorly. Engagement is such a special time, and engagement photos become treasured keepsakes--the last thing I wanted to do was give them something crummy.

We ended up doing two photoshoots. For the first, we just wandered San Juan Bautista and had fun.

While we did get a couple of fun photos, we decided to do a second shoot to see if we could get better shots.  Sharon had the BRILLIANT idea of trying the stunning Point Lobos outside Carmel.

I mean, seriously, for a setting, does it get any better? No, it does NOT.

The only issue?  This stuff.

Most people would call this little green bugger "poison oak." We call it DEATH. And there were HOARDS OF DEATH all frickin over the area. For every photo opportunity, we had to scour to make sure this stuff wasn't anywhere nearby. I'm proud to report that our careful work paid off and no one developed the demon rash of itchy doom.

And now for more of Sharon and Jesse! Congratulations, you two! I can't wait until the wedding!


I still wouldn't call myself anywhere near professional, but they were happy so I am happy.  :] Huzzah for romance!