Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh How Time Flies . . .

Currently Reading: Lilith by George MacDonald

Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.
--Max Frisch
A lot and nothing has happened here at the Bocchinos. Life seems to form a continual blur of exist. We wake, we work, we eat, we clean, we play, we find cat puke in odd corners, we sleep, we begin again. I have funny little stories to tell, but I may save those for a later post. I find I talk too much, and I write even more, so I'm trying to shut up, abbreviate, and simplify. We're all about simple and natural, now aren't we, in this modern world? Trying to catch up with that. Seems I'm always behind.

  • Library job ends this Friday. CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP!!?? *crowd breaks into wild applause* Yes, thank you. It's not that I hate my job--I don't. I enjoy it. I love my coworkers, I love being around books, I do not love the fear that my car will either be missing or in multiple pieces when I walk into the parking lot. The new teaching job is a great opportunity to move up, gain new knowledge and experiences, and try my hand at something. We've done secretary work, telemarketing work, retail work, and now a form of public service. I'm still looking for my passion. Maybe it's teaching, maybe it's writing, maybe it's feeding babies, don't know yet :)
  • Mom came home last week from India in mostly one piece -- she had broken a finger and stubbed her toe pretty nastily after a case of the dreaded "Delhi Belly." So glad to have her home. You can read all about her adventures here.
  • Chris has officially suckered me into World of Warcraft. We are not level 61 out of 80, an excellent team featuring an oversized attack crab named Citizen Snips. It's something to do after work for for fun, and believe it or not, some bonding. Chris loves it when I play with him. I love it when he helps clean the kitchen. We do both. Life is good.
  • Last Wednesday, my awesome friends from Mississippi/London Semester, Jonathan and Kailen Reves came over for dinner. They just moved to Fort Lauderdale, and were spending the week at the Universal Parks. Awesome couple. Miss them lots :(
  • We continue to really enjoy our time at Grace Fellowship Church. Now if we could just find a way to meet more people . . . hmmmm . . .
  • Spent an awesome evening with Chris's good friend Alyssa and her three little ones. Alyssa's husband, Adam, was away for Naval training in Mississippi, so hopefully we'll get to see all five of them, soon. Love this family.
  • Against all odds, we have a new cat.

This is a bad picture of Pipkin after her first bath because . . . well . . . she sort of smelled like poop. Two baths later, she smells better . . . but she's a love bug so we look past her odors. Navi tries to help by grooming and chasing her around the apartment (it took them two days to figure out that they love each other). It was one of those moments, looking in the adoption kitty section of PetsMart, where, against all odds, a tiny kitten wins you over and you can't leave without her. So yes . . . new cat . . .

As I type this, Chris is eagerly awaiting WoW playtime. We're night owls. G'nite!