Saturday, February 19, 2011

Collection of Confessions

Confession: I have a HUGE crush on Liam Neeson. Yes, the actor who is old enough to be my father. I have just now come to terms with this--it's not a new thing because, you see, it started when he was in Episode I waaaaaaaay back when. I knew greatness when I saw it (the actor, not the movie). And I am totally going to see his new movie. The man just can't go wrong.

Confession: Some days, I feel I am not a true artist. My political views are neither outrageous nor popular. I am not a Communist. I've never smoked anything . . . except second hand. Some days, I try to stick it to the man, others . . . I just stick. I eat meat. As hard as my haircuts and clothing try to be rad, it's just not getting there. I use words like "rad" which died out like twenty years ago. I'm behind on everything popular. BUT I love art, so I guess that makes up for everything else.

Confession: I want to move. I want to get out and try something new, go somewhere else, try a new environment, reinvent ourselves in the unknown. Not sure if we can--jobs search? home search?  But I'd love to. That and my mother-in-law has lovingly forbidden us to live far away.

Confession: I haven't painted or practiced any real form of art in over a year. Just no room for my mess in the apartment. All I get away with re slight doodles when I'm bored and can't get away from the boredom source.

Confession: BBC Ones' Walk on the Wild Side is making me laugh much harder than it probably should . . . but it's a Saturday. That's my excuse.


  1. Anything with an Elton John reference is always a winner!


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