Monday, May 2, 2011

Big News

So that's it.
The world's most wanted man is dead.
No more.

My mind is having a hard time swallowing it. I mean, we've been hunting this man for ten years now. And suddenly, that's it? An announcement on the news and he's just gone? Wow.
Even though I see the justice in it and I breathe a sigh of relief, something in me almost feels sad.
No, I don't wish he were still alive, continuing to pursue mayhem and inflict chaos. But, when I read his bio, his life strikes me as incredibly tragic. Wicked and corrupt, yes, but . . . to die that way, hated by everyone with only a legacy of evil . . . does anyone really want that?
I suppose, though, if one is backwards, such reputation and life is admirable. I mean, if Hitler could look back, would he feel pride at the sight of the Holocaust? Of his country? Of the world after his actions? Or was he so twisted that it would seem beautiful?
Maybe I'm just too soft. I don't know.
It just seems such a sad, sad way to go.
On a slightly related note, Hitler as also announced dead on May 1, 66 years before. Interesting coincidence?

And I continue to be amazed at our troops. Wars may be completely controversial, but, no matter how gray the areas are, we should always be proud of our troops. Their sacrifice of time, energy, safety, friends and family, home, none of us should ever take that for granted. They've given up so much to protect strangers they will never meet, here in the US or abroad. War is messy, war is controversy, war is tragic, but troops should always be honored. Their lives are defined by their duty of service and protection.
Never forget them. Always thank them.
It's the least we can do.


  1. It makes me kind of sad as well. But I echo your support of the men and women who serve! Keeping them in my prayers right now as we wait to see the aftermath of last night's news...


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