Wednesday, May 18, 2011


  • Today, I spied a first grader doodle. It entailed a lavishing dressed bride and a shaggy-haired groom with great big grins trotting down the aisle. Stick figures crowded the edges, hands in the air and wearing ecstatic smiles. One of them shouted, "YOU GO, GIRL!!!" The bride was labeled "Sarah" and the groom "Chris." Yeah, that's totally how it all went down. ;]
  • I fed the hubs a vegetarian meal. He won't call it vegetarian because we're omnivores. BUT it had no meat. Portobello mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and a touch of Swiss cheese. Oh, and he totally loved it. Score. But, then again, anything with mushrooms is a total win, right? 
  • Thursday, one of my students, while reading the whiteboard (they like to huddle to copy my spelling), decided to erase my work. Why? He wanted to replace my handwriting with his own. Why, you ask? "I wanted to put better handwriting on the board," he replied.
    Your Pardon?!
    FYI my handwriting looked GREAT. Bugger.
  • Trying to go on a thrifting rampage in the next couple of months or so. Thrifting tips from all you masters out there? I love the idea of thrifting, love the things I see on other people, but every time I try it myself, everything is five sizes too big and from the wrong side of the 80s. Boo. Maybe it's Orlando. Maybe I'm not digging hard enough. I have great success at Ross and TJMaxx, but that's not really thrifting, is it? ;]
  • Elliptical machines are my new favorite thing. We have one in the apartment complex "mini gym." Sadly, my mp3 player was devoured by a corroded battery so I ellipt in silence. Hopefully we can find a lightly used one for a great price after we move. Must. Have. Workout. Machine. BAH!
  • I am seriously going to miss these seventeen first graders almost-second-graders. They are hyper, they are talkative, a couple are even smart-eleck, but they are all so sweet and precious. Wouldn't trade them for the world. We've learned a lot this year, good things, hard things, but it's been a good year. I'm so glad I was at that school in that classroom just so I got to meet these kiddos. 
  • Why, hello, hummus. Decided to waltz back into my life, did you? Hm, well I must say your timing has never been better. Nom nom nom. 
  • MIL bday today, in-laws' anniversary on Sunday, and sis-in-law and hubs birthday on Monday. It's going to be a busy birthday week. On the uber-plus side, Chris and I have free passes to SeaWorld so we're spending his bday at our favorite theme park for the first time in years. I'm just a teensy bit excited (STINGRAYS!!! SHARKS!!! DOLPHINS!! PENGUINS!!! AAAAAAAH!!!!).
  • Fashion sense always seems just beyond my grasp. Still, sometimes I have hope. i.e. The other day, Chris's uber-stylin' aunt begged to take a picture of us. Why?  "You guys are just one of the cutest couples. You have real style."
    "Style? Really?"
    "Oh yes, style."
    Oh the little pieces of hope my t-shirts and cardigans cling to.
  • Oh, P.S. If you're looking for some awesome but healthy recipes, do check out the "Cook This Not That" series. I am completely hooked. We've made five or so recipes so far, and all of them have been fabulous. Yum yum yum. Posts soon, promise


  1. Great post, love your blog. I followed :) x

  2. I'm so envious of your job! Your students sound so great. Also, the verb ellipt. I'm totally stealing that because I'm trying to convince Evan to buy us an elliptical (even though we have no room but that's beside the point.) and I think using a word like ellipt will totally get him on board. =]


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