Saturday, April 30, 2011

Collection of Confessions

  • Some days, I get upset because we're not rolling in the dough or buying houses like every other couple I know. Then I realize something: we have food on the table, I have two wonderful kitties, we both have jobs we love, our families are awesome, and the hubs pretty much rocks my world. A life without bling isn't bad at all. Nope, in fact, I think I have it pretty darn good.
  • There are good movies I just can't get into because as much as the movie rocks, the book just rocks harder. Like Harry Potter. I make a point to watch the movies and get excited about them, but when I see them, I feel just a little let down, because, let's be honest, there's nothing that can outdo those books.
    But this music video makes my heart happy :]
  • I have been reading so many DIY blogs/articles on home decorating. Yes, it's official, we'll be moving into a small rental home in August or September. It's a cute little house, but I'm determined to take it from "cute" to "FABULOUS," even if it's only in the interior (that's the part that really matters, right?).The excitement is overwhelming.
  • I had a nightmare that there were cockroaches the size of my forearm invading my bedroom. I think my subconscious was feeling sadistic last night.
  • With this decorating thing, this possible dog thing, my poor little brain is on planning overdrive. I realize I become obsessive . . . because, if I'm not on a mad planning project, my brain gets bored and lazy. 
  • Purple flowers are one of my weaknesses. I've always loved them.


  1. Oh my goodness! How exciting - I can't wait to see what you do as far as interior decor is concerned. I always have these glamorous visions but I'm just terrible at making them happen! DEFINITELY can't wait to read about this :)

  2. Purple flowers for you ;-)


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