Monday, May 30, 2011

Teacup Conversations Episode VII

Do you know what makes dieting extremely difficult? Having a husband who is bound a determined to thwart all my plans.
"Sarah, are you hungry? I think you are. Hmmm . . . how about Taco Bell?"
Oh cruel, cruel man to use my kryptonite against me. I can't help it if I salivate. That's like asking a cat to resist scratching/ruining the furniture. It just doesn't happen.
"Oh, wait? I think . . . a supreme chicken chalupa? Yes, chicken and cheese . . . and the sour cream . . . a touch of tomatoes and lettuce? Ah, yes perfection. Wait . . . maybe a chicken quesadilla? Chips and cheese? Yes, yes, yes. I think so."
"Nom, nom. no, no--NO!!! No!! I didn't mean to say that! Oh, crap! You're vile!"
Chris is dying. And grabbing his wallet. "So what will it be? Nacho Belle Grande or the Chalupa?"
"Neither! I'm not hungry!"
Chris lays his ear to my stomach. "VILE LIES!!! It speaks to me, and it says it needs Taco Bell!"
"No, it does not!"
"But you just said you were hungry! Come on, let's go get Taco Bell."
"I can't be eating this late at night! It won't leave!"
"Exactly! Now, let's go! You know you want the delicious chips and cheese. Mmmmmm. Chalupa. Come on, you're drooling. Chips and cheeeeeese . . ."

How could anyone lose weight under such conditions?!
But yes, in case you're wondering, I resisted.

We just stayed up watching Weird Al music videos instead.
Because we're such grown ups.


  1. Great job resisting! As those foods would tempt even me.

    I don't ever want to totally "grow up" -- I still need those moments of youthful and joyful laughter.

    Have a wonderful Monday.


  2. Our relationship is the other way around. And I make Evan eat or I won't eat. So it goes:
    L:I'm hungry. Are you hungry?
    E:No, what do you want?
    L:Nothing. I'm not hungry.
    E:Don't lie to me, you just said you were. Wendy's? Taco Bell?
    E:If I get something will you eat?

    Basically is the shortened version. I am the true epitome of a girl. Even though I want to lose weight, fast food is the bane of my existence.

    Anyway, good luck with losing weight, I hope you can continue to stand strong!!!


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