Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

May I just say that I am ashamed that this is my only post in a week? Good grief and golly. I have my excuses--last couple weeks of school, organizing a summer job, chores, chores, and chores . . . berry picking. And writers block. Did I mention that? Seriously, something would happen, and I would think to myself, "Self, we need to blog about this." Did we? No. Words wouldn't come, pictures wouldn't load, boo boo and boo.
But, I'm back, and if I can find a spare moment between last minute grading, I'll be here.

I have an issue with memory space.
I have tons of it, but I'm always afraid I'm running out. So I delete things on a regular basis. Lord willing, there won't be a repeat of the FIRST time I deleted things in Picasa and ended up having to re-photo every inch of my blog.

Blueberries, Blueberries
So, Chris's parents are partners in a new blueberry farming business. It's pretty awesome. Sunday, they had a fundraiser for my school (where Chris's mother and sister both work in the office), and Chris, myself, and a couple of friends from our small group went picking. Absolutely gorgeous weather, perfect day, perfect berries. Yeah, pretty much perfect.

There were snails on the berries. SNAILS. Seriously? And isn't that berry bloody huge?!
Home is Where . . .
Still on a decorating idea rampage. If you have any tips ANY AT ALL, please send them my way. I especially need ideas on how to best decorate/utilize small spaces, as the rental house is rather petite. One of the delightful families at my school (I'll be teaching their daughter in 7th grade next year! Yes!) rented the same house for a couple of months and have dubbed it "the cottage." So much more poetic. ;] We're looking at a move-in date around end of July or early August. Lord willing. Oh please, please, PLEASE Lord willing.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's . . . 
TREASURE!!! Seriously. The hubs works at a used bookstore that buys and sells, you guessed it, lightly used books, CDs, and DVDs. He brought these home for me this weekend. Ecstatic? Just a little.
How could anyone have considered parting with these?!?! I'd fight tooth and nail to keep my LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit. No joke. I'll whoop your behind if you ever try stealing them. ;]

School's Out Forever!
Not really, one more week folks. One more week. Next Tuesday, the last day of class, is a party day. First graders are all dressing up like their favorite characters from story books. I'm thinking The Giving Tree myself . . . hmmm . . . we'll see how that turns out . . .

Fur Children
Just because they're so darn cute, and I don't have any "real" kids, yet. ;]
This is Navi's favorite sleeping position. It makes my heart melt. :]
New favorite lounge spot. Forget that I'm trying to UNLOAD the dishes when she decides to park there

Empty boxes are the best XD
And, sometime soon, hopefully, there will be a pup added to the photo collection. :]
There was almost a third cat--Chris and I were in Petsmart and he noticed there were cats up for adoption. Including a sweet, tiny, quiet, black female. I've always wanted a black cat.  Cruel, cruel man, making me walk away from that adorable creature. She had better find a home before I run out of cat food and need another Petsmart run or else our family of four will be a family of five. Oh, then six with the pup. Oh dear, dear me. The madness must end . . . and cute animals need to stop being thrown in my path.


  1. Love blueberries! How lucky you are to have access to fields of them. : )



  2. Yes, let's call your new place the cottage for sure!

    I've never seen a blueberry bush before so I'm deadly fascinated by your parents' new venture! What a cool thing to do!


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