Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teacup Conversations: Episode V

The hubs and I have had an ongoing "discussion" about weight loss. I've decided that, even though I have no interest in being skinny, my current weight is not going to be a help to my health in the long run, especially when we decide it's time to start a family and suddenly an extra forty pounds is thrown on. Chris, ever sweet and ever adamant, declares there is absolutely nothing even in the slightest bit wrong with me. I believe him, but the fact that I shopped for three hours Tuesday and was unable to find a pair of shorts or skirt that fit tell me that it's time to make an adjustment. Plus, I feel fabulous when I'm eating right, eating less, and working out.

Today, the hubs decided on a different approach. He presents me with a tiny serving of my homemade blueberry cobbler, frozen yogurt, and a glass of milk (in a Star Wars cup to add to the seduction ;]).
"Sarah, what if, instead of the words 'weight' or 'fat,' people called it 'lusciousness.' Do you really want to lose lusciousness?"
 "Seriously? Luscious? How long did you take you to come up with that?"
"Just right now.  . . . But I think it's been with me all my life."
"Oh you are so so smooth."
"You're going to eat the cobbler, right?"
Ah yes, that ooey, gooey, sweet cobbler.  "But . . . it will put me over my calorie li--" and there's a spoon suddenly in my mouth.
"There," Chris says, "better. We won't talk of calories. Lusciousness, remember?"

I think the man has a point.
"That dress makes you look luscious" has a great ring to it, don't you think?


  1. You have no idea how this made my day... I am becoming more and more a fan of your husband (in a non-creepy way, I swear) every time you post.

    I'm going to go and revel in my lusciousness today :-)


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