Sunday, April 3, 2011

One more reason shopping is deadly . . .

So, this morning . . . normal Sunday morning.
My alarm goes off. I hit snooze three times as is my liking.  I poke Chris in the back to try to wake him up. No such luck. I poke again. Tap. Meh, he'll wake up eventually.
I sit up, and a shock of pain shoots up my left side. Maybe standing up will stretch it out? Yeah, no. I take three steps--maybe four--each time stooping a little bit more, gasping, which only made it hurt worse, and finally, I crumble. I am gasping, moaning, and crawling on m hands and knees before I finally give up in the fetal position. Shockingly, Chris is suddenly wide awake and trying to help me stand up. Um, yeah, not doing that again. He manages to get me in bed, which, a few minutes later, he convinces me to get out of bed to brush my teeth and go to the bathroom. I can walk this time, but my side begins to whimper when I start brushing my teeth.

Yeah, it's that Wii Fit pulled muscle. I'm of the strong opinion that shopping for the sis-in-law's bday made it worse; Chris thinks it's my Wii Fit step aerobics, but I will defend my little machine to the bitter end.

After lots of rest today, I can walk again, easily. Here's hoping I can make it to work and back on Tuesday (pacing around all those little first graders, bending over to help with math problems, pacing some more . . . )

The moral of this story is that shopping is deadly.

Ok, not so much.

But, seriously, if you pull a muscle, drink lots of water, don't push yourself, and make us of heating pads and ice packs (20 minutes hot, 20 minutes cold).

Because being driven to your knees before the day even starts . . . meh, it's just not cool.

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  1. Heating is SO key when you're trying to help your muscles heal. But yes, shopping can definitely be a killer. I have been there, sister.


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