Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Ah, Monday, Monday, Monday . . . you're a bittersweet day of the week, and yet I still love you. Love's a funny thing.

And now, on with the show!

I blame the fact that today was the first restful day I've had all week . . . that and I work in an old building with who-knows-what growing inside, thriving in this damp, humid place. I'm back and forward between coherency, mental fog, exhaustion, and insane sinus pressure. It's a fun ride. Kind of. The good news is it will be gone in about two days, as it appears and disappears in about 2-4 days after plaguing me once a month every month since my job began in August.

New Places, New Faces
The events of these past couple of months lend themselves to heavily suggest that I will be teaching Middle School English. Which would be beyond awesome. Friday, the current wonderful teacher announced her moving up in the world into the high school, then announced that I would be her predecessor (doesn't that sound so much better than "replacement"? I feel regal, now). The problem is, I haven't signed the contract, yet, because I haven't been approached by the principal for the official transfer. Here's hoping. I have loved first grade but my heart is really with the older kids going through that wonderfully awkward teenage transition. Here's to an adventure!

Love Rewards
I recently discovered the hubs's new favorite candy: Coconut Flavored M&Ms. The man loves anything coconut. So, now, whenever I find them at checkout, I pick him up a bag or two. Why? Because he's awesome (i.e. this Wednesday, he totally cleaned the apartment nearly spotless for me, and today he took me out to lunch just because he can).

This week, I discovered I am so tired of the recipes I have. So, I searched and, ladies and gents, it's a whole new world. Seriously. We're trying this delectable dish tonight and this one later this week. I'm also trying my hand at Matzo Ball Soup for our small group Passover Meal. My mom also has me hooked on this book series
Fabulous. I am drooling over some of these pictures. And healthy? Yes! Could this be any more fabulous? Probably not. 

Going Green
I've fallen in love with this color scheme for a home exterior. We pass a house that's green, black, and white on our way to church, and, golly, it's stolen my little heart. Will we be able to paint the rental these colors? I don't know. Will I ever get a house this color? No way to tell. But it's nice to dream. And, hey, a house is a house, I won't be complaining about the color . . . too much ;]


Good morning, Starshine! The Earth says, "Hello!"