Friday, June 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So . . . I starting looking through my old xanga website--the one I kept all through college. WOW. So glad I did that. If you're every beyond bored or what to know what I was like before and during the dating-Chris era, read on.

When I was ten, my grandfather died.
About six months later, my grandmother remarried to a delightful man we will call Bob because Bob is a wonderfully inconspicuous name. What I didn't know was that it was his nickname, because, you see, otherwise, his name would have been Bob Bobsin . . . or the equivilent. Let your imagination wander where it will. 

One night, they're over for dinner, and while adults talk about adult things, ten-year-old me is reading a book. A book in which the names are dreadful. Even for the Victorian era. Dreadful.
So I begin to describe these dreadful names. "Mom, there's this character named Horace. My gosh HORACE!!! What a terrible name! I mean, really who names their kid HORACE?!"
There is dead silence. Finally my mom says, "Honey, that's Bob's first name."
Kill me.

I turned so red, I matched my hair. It was an impressive feat. 
Oh, and yes, Bob totally forgave me. :^]

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