Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites

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So, I’m weaseling this in during my lunch break. Don’t tell! Sssshhhhhh!! Oh I am so ninja devious ;]

Summer time

The heat in summer time Florida is nearly unbearable. All of you early Floridian settlers, props to you, because, quite frankly, I don’t know how you made it without air conditioning. Golly wolly.

But, the thunderstorms are back. The heat lightning has returned. Clouds pile on top of clouds in pillars of color and light, looking completely unearthly, in cerulean and charcoal skies. I love it. I could stare at the sky all day long. Most times, I don’t bother with pictures—they will never do it justice.

The frogs have started singing again. I love frog songs. Peppy bright tree frogs, fat grumpy toads, I love them. Did you know that frogs only hear the songs of their own species? So, when you’re out at night, and it seems like hundreds of them are chirping away, they only hear the songs from their potential mates, the others? Silence. Don’t exist. Isn’t that incredible? The sun sets, and it’s like a concert. Beautiful, natural music chiming on the air, and suddenly, my anxious, tired heart is cheerfully at peace. Truly lovely.


A few months ago, I stepped out on a limb and joined a small group at my church.

I know, that’s like the scariest thing ever . . . maybe not so much.

But, actually, I was frightened to the point of tears. I wanted friends so badly. I missed the church I had grown up in, I missed my friends from college, I missed community. But I was scared of it. I would get all excited about an opportunity and then I’d just freeze, doubts rushing through my head like minnows. I’d carefully select my wardrobe, mess with my hair, wonder if I looked right--not like myself but "right," as if there's a standard--I would plan my conversation –not that those EVER go according to plan. I wondered if it was weird that I was going without Chris, if I was too weird. If I wasn’t successful enough. So, that first week, I went to Chris in near tears, terrified no one would like me. That I would show up, and I would be the outcaste. As kindly as he could, Chris told me this was utter nonsense. So I sat there in the papasan, trembling, while he hugged me and sweetly told me over and over again how silly this was.

It was.

Something in me still isn’t hasn't completely opened up. I'm not fully convinced that I fit in, but they are such a delightful group of peers. Friendly, out-going, honest, and with hearts for serving and their Lord. No, some of them don’t know what hobbit holes are, but that’s ok. I don’t know most pop culture and fashion, so then we’re even. The girls from group are having a girl’s night out tomorrow. Can I just give a shout out to how AWESOME it is to have a social life again? With beautiful people? Because it is.

Copier Jobs

Laugh all you want, but I got 40 minutes of heavy-duty pacing worked in while the monster copier replicated a 50 page document 50 times. I tried not to think about how weird I looked and instead decided to focus on the fact that I was getting some sort of cardio in . . . and that it would only look weirder if I had tried doing lunges. Yeah, pacing works.

The Cottage

In two weeks, the current renters begin moving out. I don’t know how quickly or rushed it will go, as they know our lease is up in September . . . but they also know we want to be moved in by the second week of August at the latest (before the school year really gets underway) and that, before we begin moving in, we want time to repaint and polish, give the place a tidy up and a facelift, because, really, as lovely and in shape as it is, being a thirty-year-old home with at least five previous owners, you need a lil lovin'. 

I am so nervous and so excited. Finances seem to be all right for a few new furniture pieces (rugs, a desk and some bookshelves) and some accessories. I’m trying not to get my hopes too high and not to worry.  Maybe I won't get a flower garden or pretty patio furniture, and maybe, after all my love and effort, it will never truly be "chic and fabulous," but it's all ok. It will all work out. It's going to be ours, and that's pretty special. So now, we wait.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate waiting? Patience is a virtue . . . and a real pain sometimes.

Again, please please please PLEASE any decorating or budget decorating tips out there, send them my way! I’d be most grateful! :]

What are some of your Friday favorites?


  1. love thunderstorms. i live in michigan, and we get the second-largest number of thunderstorms in america - after fl, as it were.

    i understand what you mean regarding the apprehension of joining a small group - i, too, am shy and hate the getting-to-know-you stage. i haven't yet gotten over my shyness to join a small group made up entirely of strangers.

    i hope your moving goes well!

  2. i did not know that about frogs? you learn something new everyday, huh?

  3. you left me so many comments! that is so sweet of you! i responded at the individual posts. normally i email responses, but i didn't have yours. just wanted to let you know that i did respond!

  4. Haha, aw you didn't have to do that :]
    If I find a new blog, I like to browse it a little and, if it catches my eye, I'll leave comments here and there. You're a very good writer and photographer, btw :] Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. joining a small group at church can be intimidating, but so rewarding--keep going! i am loving the thunderstorms here in texas too--they are so amazing to watch!


  6. Love love love thunderstorms. I love the anticipation of seeing them on the horizon the world has to slow down and simply embrace the storm.

    And I'm chuckling at your ninja reference -- my kids call me ninja mom -- because many times I wear black yoga pants and a black tee.

    Ahh, and patience. It's a virtue. And it takes patience to be patient.

    Blessings to you!

    finding joy

  7. Sigh...that entry above from Hannah at Aspire was from me. Her mother. Who is using her computer. And the one who forgot to log out and check you was signed into google.


    oh yeah, and thanks for linking up. :)

  8. And that should say "check who" -- I think I need coffee. NOW.


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