Monday, June 20, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Good golly, it’s the first time that I’ve done one of these in a while. All righty, let’s get started then, shall we?

A Whole New World

As I am discovering the glory of Mystery Science Theater 3000 reborn in RiffTrax, I get a call from the hubs.
Yes, I said it just like that, with all the urgency of a fangirl coming face-to-face with the actor she idolizes, the reason she draws breath and all her friends have suddenly disappeared. Yes, it was so bad, Chris had to ask me to repeat it about three times. By the third I was moderately intelligible.

Then he says, so cool and suave, “Hey, you wanted Netflix, didn’t you?”

Let me lay it out for you: our TV picks up nothing. Nope, not even static. It’s a perfectly functional TV, but we just had no interest in cable and, quite frankly, have no interest in antennas just so I can watch the depressing evening news and antique road shows. No thanks. So I’ve been watching shows on quote possibly illegal streaming sites—it’s rather a bit of a miracle that my laptop isn’t bubbling over with every form of worm, virus, and Trojan known to the human race.
Netflix . . . it was safe and legal access to all forms of entertainment I’d been hoping for.

“Cool,” he says, “because if we sign up for a free Netflix trial I get 1000 shiny.”
“Shiny as in World of Warcraft money or as in like real money???”
“No, it’s for this game Drew got me into. I need to buy better supplies, but I don’t have enough shiny.”
“Christopher Steven, this is a new all-time low, even for you.”
“Oh come on, we both get what we want. I saw that, and I was like Oooo! Sarah’s been asking for Netflix, I need shiny, and here we are. Excellent.” Whenever Chris says “Excellent” it sounds like an evil genius. Just so you know.

So now I have Netflix. And Chris has Shiny, whatever the crap that is.

New Favorites

Yeah, pretty much been watching these lots. With Netflix instant stream and all that. How did my entertainment quota survive without it???

If you’re into sci-fi, Firefly is a gem—developed, rounded characters, humor, lovely world-building, just great writing all the way around. I can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner. Oh wait, I DO know why! I didn’t have cable or Netflix. DUH.

Oh, and Sherlock? GENIUS.

Chris is a big Sherlock Holmes fan—read all the books, huge Doyle fan—and he has given it a stamp of Holmes-worthy approval. Plus, Sherlock is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, which is like the coolest name EVER . . . oh, and the actor’s really fantastic.

And those two guys in the pic there? Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson) are Smaug and Bilbo in the 2013 Hobbit film. I’m ecstatic. No, really, fangirl nuts over here. Mr. Freeman is the PERFECT Bilbo Baggins. This LOTR nut is very, very pleased. Epic.

Oh, and the show is fantastic. Wonderfully acted and written. I can’t find a single flaw.


Watch it.

Laser Tag

For Christmas, my mom was pretty awesome and got my brother, father, and hubs free tickets to unlimited laser tag. They were all pretty excited.

We FINALLY decided to use them for Father’s Day. Yeah, there totally wasn’t a six month delay or anything.

Father’s Day rolls around, and, after a lovely lunch with the family, Dad regretfully informs us that he has a headache and can’t go. So Mom tells me I should go.

If you’ve seen me try to walk, you know that this sort of thing is not my forte. At all. But I go and my fifteen-year-old sister tags along.

So we played three rounds. It was pretty fun, and I did surprisingly well second round due to my dubbed “zombie tactic”—If I ran into a player, I pretty much locked him in a face-to-face duel until he got sick of me and the repeated on-off-on-off of our vests and ran off. Chris said it was like trying to shoot an undead that wouldn’t die—it just kept coming, coming, coming, until finally you hack off its head. Hey, it was the only way I bloody hit ANYONE. The only other thing I hit was a target that deducted 1001 points from our team because it was, well, our target—like kicking the soccer ball into your team’s goal. Yeah, I’m smooth like that.

By the last round, I couldn’t figure out a setting on my gun so I just wandered around aimlessly.

Until the only other kid playing, a twelve-year-old laser tag enthusiast, kept popping out of corners and attempting a battle cry.

If you’ve been around twelve-year-old boys, you understand that their vocal chords do not naturally lend themselves to the deep, resonating, fear-inducing battle cry.

Especially when you hear it every 30 seconds.

I was desperately searching for something—ANYTHING—that could be used as a gag.

At one point, Chris and Matt—my brother—suddenly came face to face with each other, prepared for a shoot-off, then heard that squawking yell on the ground below them. They promptly turned around and began shooting at the same target: Banshee Boy. Unfortunately, he had the same color vest as I did . . . and it turned out they shot me A LOT. Not that I cared by the end of it—I stunk, I knew it, and quite frankly, I knew my standing still and not caring was the key to Chris’s high score and finally beating Banshee Boy’s score.

That was the most humiliating—the hubs losing to someone less than half his age. And Chris is a bloody ninja, which is really funny when the laser-tag vest looks too small and he’s sneaking around like he really is James Bond. My sister and I spotted him darting behind corners and LAUGHED. Oh golly. Nothing like a grown man and laser tag. It is a sight to see, folks.

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