Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Last night, I realized how utterly exhausted I am. How did I realize this? I fell asleep on the hub's shoulder while he was playing video games with his brother-in-law at his new house. I was so asleep, in fact, that I didn't wake up when he removed me, remained unconscious as a shelf was being banged into the wall, and stayed in a hiberatory state until he managed to, somehow, wake a very disoriented me up.
That was before 9PM.

See, I really haven't had a day off since I started my summer job. Maybe one. Just one. But it's been work, meetings, small groups, moving, packing, painting, cleaning, cooking, errands, visiting non stop. For someone who's used to having at least ONE sit down day of the week where I don't leave my home, this is bittersweet--sweet in that I feel like I actually have a life, but bitter because I don't get to recharge.
We have run out of laundry so many times this month, it's not even funny. The reason? I'm hardly home long enough to eat, sleep, and finish a load.

And the hubs, who has so stepped up to the plate helping with housework, is utterly baffled by our completely normal if not primitive washing machine.
True story.

The Cottage
I am either boring you to death with these updates or building your expectations so high that the eventual revelation of this perfectly normal little rental home will be the letdown of the summer . . . (sort of but not really like the climax of the last HP book oh so many summers ago . . . but our house isn't quite that important ;])
BUT I am THRILLED with all of the paint colors, the addition of new office furniture to my study, and the new rug we bought to add some warmth to the tile floors in the great room.

And the acquisition of pest control materials.
This is an all-out war, peeps. Me against them. Two Legs versus More Than Two Legs. I have size and chemical warfare on my side, they have massive numbers and infiltration skills on theirs. I'd say we're about even. So long as I keep the kitchen spotless and make sure the hubs puts all of his midnight snacks away, I should be able to avoid a insectiod seige.
Here's hoping.

To Hang or Not to Hang
Like I said in a previous entry, Chris revealed last week that he has the head of a deer carcass he'd like to mount over the mantle.
Yeah, no.
As much as I'm all about his display of manhood and shooting skills, I'd really rather the first thing you see walking in my door not be a furry head. I'm hoping the message my living room sends you is "Please, have a seat and a cup of tea" and not "WE KILL THINGS!!!!"

See my problem?

At first announcement, the hubs politely agreed when I said, "Please no, man cave only", but then my brother came in. Someone--I'm afraid it might have been me--let it slip that there was a tiny debate about where the dead head would reside.
Did you know that men in groups of two or more are as opinionately dangerous as women in a group of the same size? And that when presenting an opinion to a lone woman, she is surely defeated before even speaking?
I just may have a carcass over my fireplace.

To help soothe the wound, Chris said he usually had the head wear his afro wig and would be willing to pair the two again.
I'm not sure whether this should excite or frighten me.


  1. My vote is for deer head over the fireplace and use it as an excuse to go with an old gold-hunting lodge motif.

    It doesn't have to be done in heavy colors/fabrics but it could be nice, thematically speaking.

  2. Christie's exact words..."ugh, bummer". Love you. I would forgo the said Afro...yep...just leave the head as God made it if at could put it up and take it down based on your company :)


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