Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favorites

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So Close . . .


Can I get an Amen? Amen.

Is it a bad sign that, for the past two weeks, every time I sit in my cubicle, my head feels light, my body gets hot, my mouth dries out, and my stomach hurts?

The good news is that, come Wednesday, it’s all over. It has been a great opportunity, and I am so grateful . . . but I’m ready to be in my classroom again. Work on my feet, interact with people, projects that feel like they really matter.

And no 401(k) forms.
I never, ever want to see another one ever again unless it’s my own. Please and thank you.

The Cottage

My brother is awesome. Can I just give him a shout out? Because he’s AWESOME.
He gave up last weekend to help us move some things, paint, and play Donkey Kong Country Returns with Chris (it’s their thing right now). So, now, he’s coming over AGAIN to do more of the same . . . and come with me to IKEA to get furniture for my study. And he’s bringing us more boxes.

Because, after tomorrow, it’s one week, peeps. ONE WEEK until we move. The yard will need some work, and the exterior will need a new coat of paint, but the cleaning and painting inside has spruced it up beautifully. It’s small, it’s not brand new, but it’s lovely.

And, in one week, I get to call it “home.”

There's a Rumbly in My Tumbly

You know when you’re in grade school, and your favorite subject was lunch?
Totally there, right now.
I so look forward to lunch breaks on workdays. Why? Because the hubs always packs me something lovely. It’s a great surprise, and he’s always so sweet to do it. Some days, I even find little notes scattered around the apartment reading, “Lunchbox! Don’t forget! I love you!”

Oh pitter-pat, pitter-pat goes my little heart. Even when it’s too early for my body to admit being conscious, his little notes make me grin. Not smle, but grin--you know, where your whole face lights up and looks like it's going to break because your lips are spread so far? That I-just-might-explode-in-a-good-way look?

It’s the little things in life, folks.


Yesterday, I wrote nearly 2000 words for my book. Today, I’m writing more. It’s like my soul was in drugged sleep, and now it’s coming out of the coma . . . and it’s excited. The world’s a big place filled with mystery and adventure, again, and I get to write it all down.

Lucky me. Seriously.

I started writing this book when I was 12, finished at 16, and then had eight years of re-writing writer’s block. Oi. But, maybe now, just maybe, I can finish it.

Those words were rough—really rough—but ideas are being born as words again. I’m excited about it again.

Life is good.

Etsy Blog Giveaways

I am just now discovering these and golly wolly, love them!
I never expect to win anything, but hey, why not allow myself to maybe be surprised, right?
Latest giveaway love? Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard is hosting a lovely jewelry giveaway with Maie Dae. If you haven't checked out her shop, you should. I'm in LOVE with the e.e. cummings necklace (love me some e.e., mmmhmmm, yes ma'am).

Right now, these lovely earrings are the token prize.

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  1. You must post some picture of your cottage! It sounds so intriguing. I totally said "aawww" when reading about your hubby and the lunch box. That is so great!

    Congrats on getting back into the book, would like to hear more about it :)

  2. That is a lot of words to write...GO YOU!!! woot!
    That is so sweet of the hubby! :0)

  3. I think it's so cool that you've been working on a book for so long - keep up the hard work of re-writing. Your diligence will pay off!

    In contrast to the cottage snaps, I would like a snap of the remember-your-lunch post-it. It just sounds so...sweet.

  4. I've told you before Pete how your dad would do that for me...the lunch box thing....then you did it for your dad and now Chris is doing it for you....sweet! Love oh wait...LOVE that you are writing again! So excited for you. Love you!

  5. hooray for last days!

    and moving! (i want to move. mostly to my OWN home.)

    i also like winning free stuff, so i hope you win!

    your husband is so sweet! mine just meets me for lunch when he isn't working. still sweet, but notes are adorable. and i know the EXACT grin you're speaking of. such a happy thing!

  6. You have such a capturing way of writing about life -- it draws me in and I want to learn more. Especially about that cottage. :)

    Thanks for linking up.

    Blessings to you!

    and hope to see you tomorrow


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