Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

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"The times they are a-changin'!"
First: the fact that I found this song: Awesome. It was on an old mix CD Chris didn't want any more, so  needing more tune-age in my life, I gave it a new home in my car. Love it.

Secondly: I felt the blog needed a facelift. A minimalist facelift. As someone who usually loves color, I think I'm pretty pleased with the new layout. Yes, yes indeed I am.

Thirdly: I have about three week until teacher orientation starts . .  .AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm feeling inside. The realization hit me Tuesday at work "Oh, July, you lovely month you--my last month auditing all of these forms, scanning old documents, and doing . . . OH GOSH LAST MONTH!!! School starts next month!!! And I . . . oh merciful mother in heaven!"

Yeah, that's pretty much how it went down in my brain. We're trying to keep the panic at minimal levels. No idea where to even start with this . . . and work 40 hours a week . . . and clean . . . and keep the hubs fed, as it seems he is only moderately developed in this ability of turning raw meat into an edible meal. He claims he's well skilled, but I'll believe it when I see it, Mister ;]

This Picture

I found it in the middle of scanning photos of members of the family business. See that fellow in the teal polo shirt? That's the hubs around age 7 or something.
Oh my goodness, how I squealed. Isn't he just awkwardly adorable?
The other players are his grandfather (who hasn't aged a day, I swear) and his cousin, Douglas (who has aged, thank goodness).

Chris has a habit of either forgetting or hiding old pictures of himself, so I'll take what I can get. I'm not too proud to scrounge and beg, especially when the results are so stinkin' cute.

I think I need a new book . . .
Preferably this one.
Watched this televised version last night on Netflix instant play on a whim. Not my favorite movie, but fascinated by the characters.
Side note: oh my goodness golly wolly. I did not know they could put scenes like THAT on public television anywhere but Europe. Shocking. Awkward. Not at all what I expected from PBS. O.O
And no, that is NOT why I want to read the book. Sheesh.

 I have not felt such conflict over a male character since . . . well, golly, maybe ever. I like Byronic heroes,  (V from V for Vendetta anyone? Phantom of the Opera??) but with Heathcliff it was "Aaaw, poor Heathcliff! Stupid Heathcliff! Evil Heathcliff! Poor, poor Heathcliff!" I could not make up my mind. Flip-flop-flip-flop every other scene.
True romantic conflict, people. You don't see that any more--not really as conflict, but as the idealized emo relationship. Ugh. Don't get me started on Twilight. Please don't. 
At least in Wuthering Heights, they want you to KNOW this relationship is MESSED UP.

Mmm Byronic heroes, so delightfully fictitious.

Looks like I'll be revisiting the other Bronte sister, as well, as soon as my books are out of their boxes and on shelves (can I get a "Heck yes"? Two years without them. TWO. BLOODY STINKIN BLINKIN. YEARS.)

The Cottage
Current renters move out this weekend.
This means clean-up and painting projects can begin next week (oh please!)
And then moving in as soon as possible.
Good golly, I cannot believe it's here already. O.O


  1. I love the new look! Especially the pictures at the top. Cute!!!

    And school starts so soon. I cannot believe this summer is flying by.

  2. love the blog's facelift! wuthering heights...ah heathcliff! i want to hug him and slap him at the same time!

  3. This facelift is DEFINITELY a keeper - aka it's my fave.

    I TOTALLY know what you mean about the men and their cooking ambitions. Marcus is good at prepping things (chopping) and grilling meat. Period. The rest? Falls on our backs.

  4. The new look is fabulous! Yeah for bloggy facelifts.

    I'm still chuckling over your analysis of Wuthering Heights. You'll have to let me know how you like the book.

    Fab picture as well. I don't think my grandpa ever aged either....;)

    thanks for linking up.



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