Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


My Casual Wardrobe
I recently read that, at my age, I should no longer be wearing t-shirts, using chapstick/lip gloss, or wearing high tops. I should have graduated to sleek skirts and blouses, lipstick, and high heels.

There’s a problem, however:

A). I have the HARDEST time finding “sleek” clothes because my body is not sleek. It has definite curvature. It’s hard—not impossible but not easy—to find stylish professional clothes that fit . . . or I can afford.

B). I HATE lipstick. Even the nude colors. I feel like I just painted a neon sign on my face so all people see are lips. Yuck.

C). I hate heels. Just hate them. I own a pair for “wardrobe emergencies,” but that’s it. I have a coworker that wears stilettos EVERY DAY. I don’t know how she does it. At all.

My credibility in the fashion world is pretty much non-existant . . . but I try . . .

My Credit Card and Related Sometimes-Hobby

I’ve mentioned before that the hubs likes to game in his free time. One of his favorites (though, shockingly, not his most played this month) is World of Warcraft. He loves it so much, that, while we were dating, he applied for a WoW-themed credit card. You see, if he earns so many points a month, he gets to play the game for free.

So now, my card, too, boasts a colorful homage to a night elf druid. I won’t explain, but click here and you’ll get the idea.

When I hand my card to the clerk at checkout, the shy, awkward boy suddenly lights up, beaming at me with eyes full of hope. You see, there are significantly fewer females in the gaming-nerd species, and the open admittance is like a blazing siren of hope that they, too, can obtain a mate that understands them. “You’re a gamer?! Really! That’s awesome! I wish my girlfriend would play with me!”
“Haha, yeah, I play with my husband sometime.” (at the “H” word, their eyes dim a little, but, hey, I’m a vessel of hope, that still counts for something)

Confession: in an effort to better relate to and bond with the hubs, I started picking up gaming terms. Now, my gaming-nerd lingo usage is more frequent than Chris’s. Oops.


Do you have any idea how many compliments we receive and cool people Chris and I meet because of our get-up?

Cult and nerdy classics instantly bring people together . . . kind of like sports fans, in a way.
Wear a Zelda t-shirt, and fellow nerds flock to you. You’ll strike up conversations, exchange compliments, relate your love of the game, and then, if you haven’t become friends, you go on with your day smiling because you experienced a joyful connection with a total stranger.

My Beatles t-shirts are always great conversation starters, as are Chris’s collection of Star Wars and Nintendo shirts. Do you know how many people start talking sushi with me when they notice my sashimi studs, or talk music with Chris when they see him in his Pink Floyd tee? Do you know how many friends I’ve made wearing my Invader Zim shirt?

I may be behind on the times; I may not even look as cool as I think I do (that’s probably the case).
But I look like me.
And people find that approachable. They find a kindred spirit. I like that.
So, maybe, I’ll never stop wearing my themed t-shirts. I know Chris won’t.

Do you have any outfits or accessories that make you feel connected? That allow people to approach you because of common interest?


  1. Me, too. I have the hardest time shopping for clothes. Unless it's out of Evan's closet. Then I'm like, "hey, that's a cool shirt. Hey, these basketball shorts are comfy." Who says that's not professional?

    I also don't wear lipstick. I am all about burt's bees and if you try and take that away from me I'll probably lose it. I've tried the whole lipstick thing, really, but it makes my lips peel and dry out and you take one sip of your drink and the entire side of your glass/cup/mug is covered in pink lips. Ew.

    Also, profesh clothes are SO expensive. (Except Gap had that 50% off sale and I totally hooked myself up.) And profesh pants are either halfway to my knees because "petite" people, according to Gap, are 4foot. OR they're dragging behind me another 6 feet. I'm not that tall. I'm not that short. Why are there no clothes for us middle ground people? Or people with curves? Or people with odd body shapes? Clearly we went to the wrong professions, Sarah =]

  2. Sadly, I get the most conversation for my accessory dollar when I rock the Princess Di replica ring...hahaha.

    If you're looking for some easy things to up your wardrobe with, buy a black pencil skirt that hits above the knee and a pair of mid-length black pointy pumps. You'll never set a foot wrong and you can wear them both with interesting outfits if the mood strikes :)

  3. I didn't get the memo that we are supposed to grow out of t-shirts and lip gloss. I still wear t-shirts everyday and also hate the way lipstick looks on my face. I do however draw the line at high tops. I haven't worn those since elementary!

    Even when I was working last year I had to work at being business professional. My mind only goes as far as business casual..and that usually consist of my "nice" flip flops :)

    Just feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Acting professional goes a lot farther than the dressing part.


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