Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Going to Wal-Mart at 1:30 AM for the first time in years . . . and realizing you're the only person NOT in college or high with the munchies. Ours were just sincere munchies, no drugs involved. What a strange concept.
  • Finishing auditing every full-time employee form, transferring the spreadsheet, singing "hallelujah" because you're finished . . . only to discover that now you have to scan and label EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL MINUSCULE FORM.
    Brain, prepare to meet your doom.
    Bored to death is a strong possibility, here.
  • Blanking out at a drive-thru because your brain is so wasted from said auditing. Seriously, staring at names and dates has sucked my intelligence dry.
  • Finding a picture of a company board member who looks shockingly like a young Alec Baldwin
  • Emotional Food-Poisoning . . . see previous post ;]
  • Sitting silently in the car with two people arguing, one of them crying . . . over shopping.
    What do you say to that? Try to just make yourself as invisible as possible? Take a side? Redirect the blame, "Well, I think it's the furniture's fault. Oh yeah. That chair is way too full of itself! Charging that much? Ridiculous. The floral pattern has gone to its head! . . . er . . . legs?"
  • Helping a friend move and discovering that she owns more clothing than I thought a non-celebrity could possibly possess. Golly. I have a bruise from all the hangers
  • A critique of your paint colors choices for a home exterior that goes something like "Ew! That doesn't go at all! It clashes with the grass!"
     . . . wait . . . that's really criteria? Really? You're not joking? The grass?
  • Finding typos in a website article you wrote . . . and discovering that the editor didn't catch it . . . and now it's stuck there on the world wide web for all to see. Boo.
    And a semi-negative comment on said article from a reader. >.<
  • Feeling like an eighteen-year-old again because college was the last time I went to Wal-Mart at 1:30 in the morning . . . to pick up the midnight DVD release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Score.
  • Speaking of which . . . Deathly Hallows II anyone??? So excited! Disappointed that I can't go to the midnight showing, though. What a cool premiere! One of these days I'm determined to go to one of these cultural movie premieres--you know, the ones where people go in costume. How fun!
  • Even though the work is dull, working with really nice people . . . who want to take me out to lunch on my last day :] And that pay check that helps pay the bills and save up for our move.
  • Finding out my last day of summer work is on a Wednesday and not a Friday, giving me a FOUR DAY WEEKEND before teacher orientations start.
  • After said emotional vomit, seeing the benefits of honesty, like a husband who cleans the dishes and brings home boxes for the move.
    Then finding support and encouragement in family and blog-world friends :]
  • Showing a couple of other family members my soon-to-be exterior color, and listening to their support and approval of the color.
    And laughing at the grass comment.
    Again and again.
  • An upcoming weekend with my brother, who is awesome :]
  • Fun meetings with last year's middle school teacher about my upcoming year. Plus she's just plain cool.
  • Having not one but two articles featured on a new website.
    And having the editor defend the article, ever so slightly.
I wish I could think of things that are more amusing . . . but like I said auditing. It kills.


  1. No matter how many times I proofread, there's always something to catch. It's just part of the game, lady.

  2. I love how so many situations have both awkwardness and awesomeness to be found in them, great post Sarah!

  3. Love reading what you write! Hope to see pictures of your new home soon.


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