Monday, July 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday (A Day at the Aquarium)

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As previously stated (and the fact that Monday in a cubicle is less than thrilling), I am going to overload you with pictures from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Was this my favorite part of the trip? I'm pretty darn sure. I have a weakness for all things sea-related, and a beautiful, interactive aquarium is somewhere I could lose myself for days. I feel like I'm going to have to start taking more pictures more often because these past few (and probably next few) posts have been picture heavy . . . and I'm so not someone who just takes pics of daily existence. Look! A pile of dirty dishes! A cat has once again taken over a pile of laundry! Such thrilling subjects! But we'll see what happens. Anywho . . . here are some of the not-already-featured highlights of the aquarium :] If you want to see others, just click the "California" label, and they should pop up. Enjoy!


The outdoor section of the aquarium, which included a waterfall/tidepool connected to the wave tunnel indoors, and, of course, a stunning view of the bay (with the summer fo rolling in, LOVED that fog)

I'm a sucker for pictures of staircases . . . I don't know why . . . I think it's the bold lines . . .

The thirty-foot-tall Kelp Forest Aquarium filled with fish of all shapes and sizes and small sharks

These rescued birds were in an open display--there was no glass seperating the aquarium visitors from the birds, but they kept their distance. I love shore birds.

Some pidgeons at the outdoor tide pool . . .

Upside-down jellies. The 70s-themed Jelly Fish exhibit was our favorite. I LOVE jellies.

Abby the Otter takes a nap in a bowl of ice . . . Cute enough to induce squeals of joy? Maybe definitely.


  1. Professional much? Gosh.

    These are amazing. I especially love the first one, the birds and the jellies. Dang girl. TALENT.

    Also, wouldn't it be weird to be a jelly? I was just thinking about that.

  2. OH I LOVE AQUARIUMS!! You got such good pictures!! Whenever I go to aquariums I am such a picture-taking failure. I just get lots of fuzzy pictures where the only thing showing distinctly is all the scratches on the glass... hehe. Jellyfish are so cool, aren't they?

  3. Love your pics, so beautiful! That otter is adorable, squealing over here ;)

  4. I think kelp is absolutely fascinating. I would love to see one of the wild beds of it that they have in Eastern Europe. Weird secret dream, I know.

  5. Thanks so much, ladies!

    Larissa - Thank you! :] I'm actually notorious for my hands twitching and blurring my pictures, so I was thrilled these turned out. I'm also no good at shooting pictures of people. Fact. lol.
    Being a jelly would be strange . . . but I don't think we would realize it because jellyfish don't have brains . . . which is weird . . .

    Kelsea -- Aren't aquariums the coolest?! Jellyfish and stingrays have always been my two favorite displays :]What are yours?

    Krista -- she was just too cute!

    Kat -- I actually think that's a pretty cool dream ;] I find myself more and more interested in kelp--it is totally its own world.

  6. You commented on my blog but I couldn't find your email to reply to!

    First of all, just checked out your "about" page and read all about your husband, AWESOME. I definitely can relate to finding your soulmate when you're 15 years old, that's when I finally admitted to my boy (he was best friend at the time that I was falling for him and was lucky to find out he felt the same way! Can't wait to keep up with your blog :)

  7. Sarah - I am all about sharks. They are always my response to "if you could be any animal, what would you be?"... that is, assuming we are talking animals that aren't extinct or mythical. =)

    I went to the Vancouver, BC aquarium (which is a really good one) with a friend who worked in aquariums for eight years. It was so interesting learning about all of the animals!

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