Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Friday Letters


Dear Friday: Thank GOD you’re here! The hubs and I have so needed you. You’re glorious, did you know that?

Dear Monday: In thinking about Friday, I remember why I dislike you so much. Please don’t come this week. At all. You need a vacation, I think, and everyone would love you for it. I mean, really, if you take an extended vacation, YOU—Monday—would be everyone’s all-time favorite. Don’t you want that??? DON’T YOU?!?

Dear Odd Thomas: The hubs bought every one of your adventures last month, and he’s actually reading all of them. Thank you for reintroducing him to the joy of literature. Just finished rereading your first great tale, and it still makes my heart pound. You were, after all, the first book in YEARS to make me gasp aloud. I can’t wait to read more about my favorite seer. And, oh wait, more books on you out this year? So excited. See you soon, Oddie.

Dear Cat:  Your text messages make my day bright and make me laugh. I hope your blistering sunburn feels better. You'll have to let me know if the tea-soaked washcloth worked.

Dear California: I miss you. This seven month separation is so not cool. I need more of sights like these in my life again.

Jellyfish from the new exhibit in the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Favorite? Just maybe MOST FAVORITE. Yes.

Rolling hills near Hollister, California, across the street from the best fresh cherries stand EVER

Outside the Monterey Bay Aquarium  . . . you know, on the bay . . .

Dear Armadillo: I am so sorry. Please believe me when I say that I PLEADED with the hubs to leave you alone, that you were so ugly you were cute and too stupid to be harmless. I’m sorry, but it’s true—you weren’t very bright. You did almost crawl onto my toes that night and you liked to bother our dingo by posing outside our fence.
To only affirm your lack of brilliance, you taunted the hubs, reappearing every morning, always just out of reach, before vanishing. You do NOT taunt my husband. It takes you from being a joke to a nemesis. The man wants to be a superhero, and they KILL nemeses. Just FYI.
You should not have returned to the palmetto bush, dear, after the hubs had already spotted you this morning. You should have changed your route instead of ambling towards the swamp, once again, like always. You should have tucked in your tail, under that bush, instead of leaving it out in the open like a bloody neon sign.
And now you’re dead. Shot stone-cold dead.
Please understand that I did not approve. I was most distraught.
Again, I apologize for a man being a man. He was ever so proud.


  1. Uh, these pictures. Stop it. Just stop.

    Evan and I are trying to plan a trip to San Fran next July. Where are you guys going to be? Because you know. We could like meet up or whatever. OMGGG.

    And that last letter to the armadillo. Ha. Hahahaha so funny. Especially the part about men being men because heck yes. Except for I've trained Evan to break for bunnies.

    And Im all for Monday having itself a little vacation. Monday deserves it. It's rough being so hated every week.

  2. your pictures are great!! the aquarium looks just fabulous! and yea!!! today id Friday. happy hour at 4 today for us...i am happy just thinking about it!
    I am your newest follower.pls follow back if you can.

  3. RIP armadillo you werent meant to know :( Hope you have a great weekend x

  4. Omg awww poor armadillo. Your story leading up to it was super entertaining though :)


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