Sunday, July 15, 2012

The eagle has landed! The eagle has landed!

Peeps, we're back.

I highly regret not blogging during our trip, but I was prevented by two items as follows:
  1. The hard disk (or something along those disky lines), died, leaving my lappy incapacitated in the hands of my oh-so-talented father, who managed to nurse the sickly thing back to health, bless his heart. What a joyous reunion we two--lappy and blogger--shall have. 
  2. This was not a "vacation" as I was led to believe but more of an . . . excursion? A go-go-go-nonstop sort of thing? A I'm-too-tired-to-reflect-on-my-day-or-create-something-remotely-amusing sort of conquest? 
I took a few snaps on instagram  (link to your left), and a few more on my camera, but, honestly, we didn't have much time for photo ops.

You see, this entire expedition was led by my father-in-law, and the man doesn't bloody stop. Not for an instant. Energizer Bunny, you've met your match.  I'm not really complaining--the man knows how to get things done . . . but his definition of "vacation" and mine are slightly different . . . in the way that tornado differs from a pleasant breeze.
In that order.
And, actually, in that exact style.
No hard feelings. Had a blast . . . but, by golly, I have never done so much, so EARLY, during a "vacation."

HOWEVER!!! Despite the 6:30 and earlier wake-up calls every day save one (that day was 7:30, thank you very much . . . sleeping in . . . yep), we really loved our trip and are SO ready to jump on a plane to Cali and settle down permanently.
The place suits us.
No, really.
Cool weather, easy-going folks, and all kinds of artsy-fartsy going-ons in settings from golden hills to foggy seasides. 
Plus, the produce. MY GOSH. THE PRODUCE. I have never tasted berries so sweet and avocado so refreshing. I'm a guac addict now, thank you very much.

More tales to come. :]

I've missed you all in blogger-world! Can't wait to catch up and read all your lovely posts! Have a fabulous weekend, loves!

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  1. That picture is beautiful! So glad your trip went well! I bet that's a relief that you KNOW you're going to love your new home!


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