Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teacup Conversations: Episode II

Browsing good ole facebook, the source of all gossip and scandal, I had had it. No really. I couldn't contain it any longer.

"Chris! Everbody's having BABIES!!!" (seriously, fb fertility is getting pretty crazy)

Considering he's sitting right next to me, I probably didn't need to shout. Chris knows my fb rants. When I got out of college, everyone else was getting engaged. He called it, "let's tell Chris about another engagement and look at him expectantly" game.

"I mean, I'm not begging for one right now or anything."
" 'Kay."
"In fact, I have a plan!"
This is the part when Chris tries to appear like he takes me seriously and not like he's about to laugh.
"When everyone's finished having babies, then WE will have a baby! And it will get all the attention! Because it's the only baby around!"
"You devious woman."
"I know, right?"
Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. See? I'm totally learning patience.

Now, I'm going to browse Target and Ikea websites for decorations for the rental house we don't have . . . but may this summer/fall! Whoot!

Yeah, totally patient. ;}

Rehearsal Dinner October 2, 2009

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