Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teacup Conversations: Episode III

Monday is our day off.
Personally, I like it better than having Saturdays off together (as a teacher, I DO get Saturdays off, but Chris, being in retail, does not . . . I WIN!).  Everyone else is working, so we pretty much get the town all to ourselves. Not that we really ever go out on the town. Hermitage. Boo. ;]

So, anyways, this past Monday, we sat down to some Steak 'n' Shake and start chatting. First was an epic debate on whether sharks or gators were scarier (Um, gators, hello!!! Chris, darling, you are so misled). Then, I decided to take the conversation on a different route (ok, so I was sort of stalling so I could come up with more points on why giant man-eating reptiles are scarier).
"We've been married almost a year and a half. We've been together for almost five--which is like half a bloody decade--and known each other for almost nine years. Have I rubbed off on you?"

Chris stopped, tilted his head, pursed his lips, and actually thought about it.
You have no idea the hope this gave me. The hubs, while a wonderful person and I would never ask for any other, is a man who sticks to his guns. Meaning he doesn't change his opinions or habits easily. Meaning at all. The thought that I might have influenced the almost-uninfluence-able was HUGE.

Finally, "Yeah, I think you have."
You might as well have handed me a million dollars. "How?!"
"Hm . . . I don't know."
And you took those million dollars right back. "What?? Oh come on, how have I rubbed off on you?"
Surely, a sense of mercy, financial consciousness, openness, something.

Chris thought again. "Well, I guess I've started talking to the cats like you do."

You just hit me in the face with that million dollar bundle. "Wait. What??"

"Yeah, I mean, I talk to Pipkin like you do because I've kind of come to think of her as like a furry extension of my wife." He was trying not to laugh.

I hope my face fully expressed the insult I was suffering. It must have--Chris started laughing. Hard.

So, yes, after nearly ten years, I have taught my husband how to talk to cats . . . because they remind him of me.
Epic. Fail.


  1. Ahahahaha. That is hysterical! I always wonder what Marcus might be picking up from me!

    On a similar but not really identical note, Marcus was raised in a dog-family and we have one cat. He's still learning how to deal with how one actually "pets" a cat.

  2. I love reading your posts! Seriously laughing out loud =)
    And the million dollar illustration is quite fabulous!


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