Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Collection of Confessions

  • I haven't been posting because I don't know what to say. I am so distraught by the tragedy in Japan that everything that seemed to be a good post seemed insignificant. You can't just sweep something like the earthquake/tsunami under the rug and forget it happened because it's been a couple of weeks. Japan is still struggling with all of this. We can't forget it.
  • Sometimes, I have intense, consuming, obsessive cravings for Crab Rangoons. No, I'm not pregnant. They're just like Chinese Food Heroin.
  • Sometimes, I wonder if I should try something new next year. I have a summer job lined up in the H.R. department at Chris's grandfather's agriculture company. I've never worked in Human Resources, and, if I like it, maybe I should stay? Maybe I should try teaching again. First I was so set on finding something else, then I decided that, yes, I definitely wanted to teach, and some days, I think I might try something new.  We'll just see what happens. 
  • I really, really want to go overseas. I have since I was a kid, and sometimes I can almost taste it. We have connections at a school in Indonesia, and, sometimes, Chris and I talk about going over. A great adventure, absorbing a whole new culture and whole new perspective. I never expected to live my entire life in Florida--I'm a homebody with a bad case of wanderlust. Still, God will do the things you don't expect. 
  • I am addicted to my new-used Wii Fit. 
  • I wish I knew privacy was guaranteed in an apartment complex. Seriously. Can the people underneath us hear everything? Are we too noisy? Has anyone seen me running naked/half-naked to grab something out of the dryer??? AH!!!
  • I like the thought of moving  mostly because I'll get to redecorate. I love organizing and decorating. Keeping it pretty and organized is slightly more of a challenge.
  • The Muppets are awesome. Period.
  • Chris and I collect stuff for our future family. Classic 70s cartoons? Check. Fraggle Rock on DVD? Check. Star Wars themed bath toys? Double check.
  • I have a new irrational fear: zombies. Dear Max Brooks: your awesome book World War Z now has me thinking there are flesh-devouring zombies outside my shower curtain. It's usually the cats . . . but still . . .
So, I'm thinking a new healthy post will be up, soon, probably about the things I've learned about working out by actually working out. Stay tuned! :]

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  1. Sarah, your posts make me laugh so hard. I LOVE reading them :-)


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