Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wardrobe Wanderings

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.
--Gore Vidal
So, with some extra Christmas cash and gift cards in my pockets . . . I thought I'd browse online, see if there was anything worth my while, and decided to list some items my wardobe can't be without. Not that I'm a fashion guru or anything . . . at all . . .
I'm not much of a shoe person . . . but I love having a couple of pairs of cute flats. I hate heels, just hate them. Won't wear them for anything but wardrobe emergencies. So, instead, if I'm trying to dress something up or down, I wear flats. They're comfy, they're cute, they fit every season, and they have the potential to go with just about anything.
Exhileration Signe Embelished Ballet Flats from Target for $19.99
One item I have learned to love is the vest. I own two: a black button-up vest and a light, flowy gray vest. Both can snazz up almost any top and give an old outfit a new twist. Because I really don't buy a lot of clothes, I love pieces like vests that can give me more versatility in a limited wardrobe. Cardigans and a great jacket will do the same (and are equally if not more awesome), but, because I live in tropical Florida, it's often too hot for sweaters. Sad day . . .

This particular vest used to be sold at Nordstrom (so outside my price range! lol) but, sadly, is no longer available :[

Dress + Leggings
  I'll be honest: my legs are my fashion weak-point. After I hit puberty, they've never been thin or designed for a fashion world catering to the tiny thigh. Not that there's anything wrong with them . . . I just more closely resemble Miss Piggy than Gwyneth Paltrow. Then, I discovered the glory of leggings: they help mask/smooth my legs and can be worn for warmer weather (capri style with sandals or flats) or for cooler (full-length with flats or boots). Match them with a good dress, and . . . wait . . . Can this be love? Oh yes, totally and completely!

Xhileration Junior's Drop-Waist Dress from Target for $21.99

Express Camis
I mention Express because they have sold my favorite camis for years, though I've recently discovered that Aerie has some pretty nice ones, as well. I love Express's camis because they're thick, they're long, and they come in so many different colors and patterns. I layer pretty much everything to add a little more length to my torso or to keep the girls from exploding out of a low-cut top. It's the one item I still buy faithfully from Express.  I asked for some for Christmas to replace some of my older ones showing wear and tear. I received six, and it practically feels like I have a whole new wardrobe!

Sexy Stretch Bra Cami from Express; usually $19.99 but often on sale and  "Buy One Get One Half Off."

Item I'm thinking about adding to my wardrobe . . . These little beauties:

I love this look  -- no heel, slouched, and with awesome buckles (which are pretty much my favorite thing on a boot)-- but I've yet to convince myself to actually buy them. My concern is that my not-so-tiny calves may not fit or flatter . . . but I can still think these look awesome! Pair them with a cute dress and a pair of leggings, and whammo! A great outfit turns stupendous!

Girls "Startir" boots by Steve Madden; $59.99 at Dillards

Oh, and just in general, LOFT's   "Looks We Love" is making me drool--especially over those striped sweaters! (I adore stripes) Oh, if only I lived in a cooler place so I could wear them without dissolving into a puddle of sweat. ;]

 Now, just to wait until prime-time sale time . . .

How about you? What are your wardrobe must-haves? 

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  1. I do love a good flat from Target. I find that they're usually fairly well made and I don't feel guilty if I step in a puddle.

    I'm also obsessed with the Express cami. I'm trying some from Victoria's Secret to see if they're something I can get on-board with, but the jury is still out.


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