Monday, January 3, 2011

Tis the Season . . .

If all the year were playing holidays,
To sport would be as tedious as to work.
--William Shakespeare
 Golly it's been a while . . .
 Because I really should be grading papers right now . . . I'll just post pics of our holiday break with a quick summary:
  • Spent the fist week of break snuggled in bed with a box of tissues, cold medicine, and "Dexter," suffering from the most dreadful sinus infection/head cold I had had in a while. I really didn't get sick like this before I started teaching . . . or walking in the rain as I ran errands . . . not my smartest move to date.
  • After much planning, replanning, canceling planning, blah blah blah, we finally decided to have Christmas Eve night with my family, have it with Chris's family next year (his extended has a big hoopla on Xmas Eve), and switch back and forth each year. I have been trying to convince Chris to swap each year since our "four Christmas" experience last year, and Hallelujah! the Good Lord did it for me :]
  • Lovely, fun, Christmas morning with each other, Christmas brunch with my fam, and Christmas dinner with his. This is what happens when you're married and both sets of in-laws live in town. It's fun, though. We love our in-laws :]  . . . Plus the presents received are tripled . . . as well as presents given . . .
  • Chris's best friend/second cousin, Joe, is back in town for two weeks after being in Indonesia for over a year as a teacher. He keeps trying to recruit us to join him, and we're not saying no . . . but we're not saying yes, yet, either . . .we'll see where we are in a year before we sign up. Oh how cool would that be though?!
  • Spent one shift working at the theme park. Count em: ONE. And that one shift reminded me that working theme parks are a special circle in hell. No joke. I don't know why I've kept the job, even seasonally, and I'm quitting. Pronto. Ug. 
  • New Years Eve . . . meh . . . can't say it was my favorite ever. Oh well. Next year, I'm planning the party, haha.

Best Christmas Tree Light Guy ever :]

All ready Christmas morning!

Chris was quite proud of his new Batman ornament
You might say I was a teeny TINY bit excited about reliving a favorite college pastime

 The Booty

 I hope you had a marvelous holiday season!

How were your holidays? Favorite part? Least favorite? Any plans/resolutions for 2011?

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  1. What a wonderful pile of presents.

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