Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 31 Day 4: Style 31

Check out this awesome post Branson at Reflections of Something has started! She is collecting stories of inspiring women in others' lives, so, if you've written about someone important to you, link up!

All righty, so on to day 4 . . .
I am going to be completely and totally honest with you peeps: today's assignment scared the willies out of me.  
No really
Not only am I not super-model tiny (is it just me, or does it feel like all clothing is catered towards super-models and not at all towards curves?) , I'm not at all a fashionista. Not even the tiniest bit. So when people ask me to take take pictures of what I wear, my heart and stomach decide they want to perform an unnerving tango. I'm creative on paper, not with my wardrobe, much to my dismay. It's not that I can't pull a cute outfit together, I'm just not one of those who can throw t-shirt and shorts on and it look like it stepped off of runaway. That's not my gift, and that's ok. :]  At least think my outfit is on straight in the picture . . . I think. I'm infamous for having things crooked because I'm too impatient-- I just want it on my body so I can go! haha.

Anywho, here's the outfit for the day . . .

  • Top:  H & M . 
  • Jeans: Express Stella Slightly Boot Cut (the only jeans I've ever found that fit both my waist and the ghetto booty ;] ) 
  • Accessories: 
    • Homemade black choker (I'm pretty much never without a necklace, and chokers are my favorite)
    • The bracelet was a gift from my mom--the funds from the bracelet pay to have girls from the slums purchase a birth certificate so they can go to school. I wish I could remember the name of the company, but I've misplaced their card :[ 
  • Shoes: a great steal from Ross ($12!). I wear them all the time
 So, yup, that's me on a good "fashion" day, haha.My sweet hubs was the photographer, and he was Mr. Uber-Perfectionist with the camera--so cute! :] He makes me smile.

I hope you're having a simply fantastic day! God bless!

She Breathes Deeply


  1. I love Ross and whatever, you are adorable and look great!! ;0. Rockin girl! I'm the same way though...not one to dress up or feel really put together ever. I totally understand, but you really do look lovely! THanks for sharing!

  2. i LOVE those shoes. and the outfit is totally rockin.

  3. Thanks for the mention and you look so cute! Loooooove those shoes!

  4. I so dreaded today's post too! I LOVE your shoes and Ross is a favorite at our house too!!

  5. Glad you shared - very cute!


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