Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 31 Day 5: Someone Who Has Made Your Heart Come Alive

Thanks again everyone for all of your sweet comments! You guys are awesome! Thanks to you, I don't think I'll be scared of fashion pics any more  ;]

All right kiddos, I think you knew this was coming . . .

Day 5: Write a blog thanking someone who has made your heart come alive

Oh, Hubs, was there ever any doubt?

When I met you oh so many years ago, when I was 15 and you were 19, you were, by far the cutest boy I had ever seen . . .
You will KILL me for posting this super old pic. . . but I'm taking the risk. Oh, and that cutest guy ever thing? Not changing :]

We've known each other for almost ten years, and you still light up when I walk in the door, still wrap your arms around my waist and kiss me like it's the first time. Still tuck me in at night when I'm asleep before you, still read a Bible passage and pray with me before bed, just like we did over the phone when we were dating 1000 miles apart.

You listen to my crazy rants, and laugh at my antics when I'm feeling silly. You make me feel beautiful even when I'm in my crummiest pjs, no make-up, hair in a sloppy top-knot--You make me feel like a super model.

You take me on adventures. You love dreaming up adventures. I feel safe with you, even if we plan on doing risky things like moving out of town, out of state, out of country. Even if we never do those things, I know life with still be an adventure with you. I know you are a Godly man who wants to follow His direction, and your unfailing faith in His provision and protection eases my frightened heart. I know if you say, "We should go," I can go with you because you're following the guidance of the One in charge of it all. I don't need to be afraid--you're looking out for us, and so is He. You remind me of that when I need it so desperately.

You're smart and witty, and we laugh so much together. I love that we laugh. I love that we can still talk about everything and nothing at all or sit in silence and still treasure just being in each other's presence. I love that you're a nerd--that you play video games, watch sci-fi movies, and read Lewis and Tolkien. I love that you let me love those things with you. That you encourage me in my own nerdiness, that you are both my harshest and most encouraging, helpful critic when I bring you my writing. You're the best editor.

 Thank you so much for just getting me. You know everything about me and still love me, treasure me, and you don't try to change who I am. You don't think I'm weird, that I need to be anything but the person God made me to be--and you thank me for being just that every day.

Thank you for growing with me -- for taking on more responsibilities and learning to do un-fun things like clean up cat puke and clean the kitchen. Thank you for being my helper and my leader. Thank you for holding me, hugging me, kissing me, and telling me I'm stunning every chance you get. Thank you for all our funny random little times together. Thank you for challenging me: for helping me out of my ruts, for sticking with me when I beg to be isolated, for not giving up when so many others would have walked away. Thank you for encouraging me, even when things get tough you help me see God might want to use the nasties to make me stronger, to make me bigger for Him so I can serve greatly.

Thank you for waiting me for me--for not rushing into things, for saving yourself for the woman you'd marry, then waiting until that day she became your wife. Thank you, thank you.

 Oh, and most of all, thanks for just being you. Because "you" just as you are, well . . .

You're pretty much epically awesome.

Love you with all of my heart :]

She Breathes Deeply


  1. beautiful. simply beautiful.
    what an amazing love story you'll be able to share with your kids one day!

  2. This made my night! It's so well written and so encouraging to see the overwhelming evidence of Christ in your love story!


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