Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meh, not so much . . .

When my mom came to visit, we took her to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for three reasons:
  1. It's awesome.
    It's kind of one of those places you're REQUIRED to visit if you're ever in the Bay area. You just do.
  2. My mom loves nature
    So this seemed like a good venture choice. 
  3. I will take any excuse--ANY EXCUSE--to go back there.
While we're there, bouncing from exhibit to exhibit, after I've raved over the glories of sharks, the awesomness of squid, the adorableness of the stingrays, my mom finally asks, "Sarah, what DON'T you love?"
And I honestly couldn't tell her.

I may love comics, superheroes, wizards, Cephalopods, bats, snakes, frogs, felines, canines, spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, outdoors, trees, flowers, a hot cup of tea, a sunny day, a sunshower, mythology, hiking, a thunderstorm, the ocean, the hills, a good book, Epsom salt baths, kayaking, birds, new foods, new places, clean sheets, a good pair of chucks, a witty nerd shirt, cheesecake, cardigans, a new tune, trivia, new workouts, and all that jazz, I do have things I DISlike. At least, I'm pretty sure I do . . . Oh, yes, yes, I'm sure. 

It's just taken me a while to come up with an actual list . . .

But I suppose this is a good start to one.
another one of my favorites--jellyfish!

So far, I dislike:
  • Cockroaches (demons spawned out of hell, I swear!)
  • hair on the bathroom floor
  • the terrifying thought that, no matter how much I wash the linens or clean the house, it just might smell weird to guests (and, after all that, there's nothing I can do about it)
  • beginning a cleaning chore (once I start, it's awesome, but starting? YUCK)
  • Twilight or anything related to it
  • Fifty Shades of Grey and anything related to it . . . which I suppose goes with the previous item, as it is a fanfic . . . yep . . . 
  • Okay, uber romantic novels in general are a no
  • Dark chocolate
  • High heels
  • When a black shirt is actually navy blue
  • Poor film adaptions of literature
  • Adult acne (wasn't I suppose to grow out of this like ten years ago???)
  • My toes
  • Sweet tea
  • Coffee
  • When a cake doesn't have enough frosting
  • Liking your own Facebook post
  • Parking right in front of a store (I like parking at the far end of a lot)
  • Gaining five pounds just by LUSTING after a cheeseburger
  • When my GPS gets more lost than I am
  • Being too warm to sleep under even just the sheets
  • Being flanked by semis on the highway
  • Not being able to pop my neck or my back
  • Someone showing up WAY earlier than you anticipated (probably because I'm usually running late ;])
See, mumsie? There are TOTALLY things I don't love. Lots, actually. 

How about you?
Are you generally someone who loves EVERYTHING or someone who has a bigger DISlike list?
What are some items on your list??


  1. A lot of your dislikes are similar to mine :) The big difference though is that I do like Twilight. I can't help it. But let me just point out that I like the books, not the films. I think the films are rubbish and none of them can act xxx

  2. I agree--the movies are dreadful. The only way I can get through them is through a downloadable mocking commentary from a website called Rifftrax. I laugh until I cry.
    I did read the books--they are very readable, but it's just not my style. I knew I had to finish it, but it was painful. I'm just weird like that ;]

  3. I have that too, I can't not finish a book. It just feels wrong xxx

  4. So wrong! ;] Even if I'm not that into the book itself, I HAVE to find out what happens. At least we can say we always finish the literature we start, right? ;]

  5. Exactly, you can't make a fair judgement unless you finish it xxx

  6. Yes! That's exactly how I feel, too!

  7. That jellyfish picture is awesome! And... I think I have a longer "like" list, but the things I don't like, I REALLY don't like, if that makes sense.

  8. It makes total sense!
    It's nice having a huge "like" list, isn't it? I feel that enjoying so much always makes the day a little brighter and more exciting :)

  9. Dark chocolate?? Sweet tea?!?! Coffee? I don't know if we can be friends anymore....

    Haha definitely kidding! I agree with you on everything else. I actually took photos for a blog about sweet tea yesterday though, so please don't judge me when I post it lol. And I think it's great you're more vocal about the things you love. Who likes a Negative Nancy?? Great idea for a post! This was fun to read and learn a little more about you. :)

  10. It's not so much that I emotionally dislike dark chocolate and coffee. It's that my tastebuds are sissies and can't handle the bitterness. Sweet tea . . . that I can't explain. I was raised in Florida and going to university in Mississippi, you'd think my veins would pump sweet iced tea instead of blood, but no. I just . . . it's not tea. Tea is hot, served in a delightful little cup, and requires cream and sugar. It's not . . . syrup with ice cubes. But I'm just weird like that ;] I'm so relieved you can overlook those faults and we can still be pals ;]

  11. hahaha I love this! Your list is kind of perfect minus the coffee part. I'm a big tea fan, like 3024 cups a day but I love my coffee, too.

    It's okay. We can still be friends. ;]

    I also hate 50 shades and Twilight. I mean, WHAT IS IT EVEN?!

    When 50 shades came out and everyone (and their mom which is just so gross!) was raving about it, I downloaded the free sample on my kindle and couldn't even get through the first couple of pages. The storyline is disgusting, obviously, but it's not even a gross story that is well written. Come on, people. If you're going to put filth into your minds, at least let the writing be on a 5th grade level, not 1st. ;]

    Just kidding. Still gross.

    And I'm also weirdly terrified of my house smelling funny. I think it's because of my pets. I'm always like "What if my nose is immune to their smell?!" But I've asked and people either lie and say my house doesn't have a weird smell or it really doesn't. Target has some really great smelling candles right now (cabin in the woods or something along those lines) and it actually makes my house smell good and it was only $5. So I'm going to go back and buy 2491 more.


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