Friday, September 13, 2013

A Day in Monterey

I think, in instagram, they call these "latergrams" or something . . . Gosh, I'm starting to feel old.
This, I guess, is what you could call a "laterblog" . . . Maybe a "blater"? or a "latog"? I should probably give up while I'm ahead.

Anyways, I have a guest post today over with the lovely Megan of Semi-Charmed Kind of Life--whoo-hoo!!! I'm chatting a bit about how to spend a day in Monterey Bay like a local. Mostly, it's about food. Because food is awesome.

So, here, I thought I'd just share a few of my pics from that day visiting the aquarium and Lovers Point.

Have a fabulous Friday, guys!

The Kelp Forest Aquarium exhibit is three stories tall and absolutely gorgeous! It's filled with sharks and all kinds of fish.

Upside-Down Jellyfish. Don't they look like ruffled cupcakes or something out of Alice in Wonderland or something? I love them!

Yes, I also have a thing for jellies.
But don't they just photograph beautifully???

The sea otters were out to play!
We arrived at the aquarium JUST after their feeding time, so they were playing and cleaning themselves up.
Cuteness overload?? Completely.
If you want just a teasing taste of it, pop on over to my instagram feed (link in sidebar) and there's a short video of it! Plus a video of cuttlefish hunting! (seriously, the coolest thing EVER)

As I've said MANY times before, I have a mild obsession with cephalopods (aka squid, octopi, and cuttlefish).
These baby squid just made my day!
The view of Monterey Bay from the aquarium's outer deck
Lovers Point, a small beach where you can relax in the sand, wade or swim in the freezing Pacific, go kayaking through the kelp beds, or climb out onto the rocks overlooking the sea. BEAUTIFUL spot.

Chris tried to convince me to go ON THE EDGE of the cliff with him, but I didn't for two reasons:
1. I'm terrified of heights
2. I have the coordination of a drunk flamingo
With these powers combined, death or serious injury was certain.
Also, there was this seagull perched right next to us that kept laughing at me. -_-


  1. Food IS awesome haha. Thanks again for posting for me! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. My pleasure! Thanks for letting me guest post ;] You have a great weekend, as well!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, I love sea-life xxx

  4. Thank you! I love sea creatures, too--they're just so bizarre and fascinating!

  5. Ugh. Can I come visit?! So pretty! We went to the aquarium in Seattle and they had this tank/tube thing you walked through and jelly fish swam around you and I was like, "Oh. Sarah takes pictures of jellies all the time. I'm going to, too." And it didn't work. They were clear and then there was a light behind them and it just didn't work out. I was so disappointed in myself but mostly at the aquarium.

    That Lover's Point looks so romantic. I want a picnic and a good book there!


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