Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dear Facebook: Blogtember Prompt

Okay, so, you'll notice I'm not a faithful Blogtember follower.
Maybe I should have been, but at this point, we're just picking and choosing, peeps.
And this prompt, this "Write an antonymous letter to your FB pals," THIS I like.

Because, let's be honest, we all have a little Facebook angst now and again, am I right?
But, of course, we're such good facebookers, we're not honest about it . . . RIGHT? Or is that just me? Biting my tongue on the internet the same way I bite it in person because it's not any of my bloody business?



Dear old buddies, old pals of mine: 

  • I LOVE it when you post pictures.
    I really do. I like seeing your lives and your joys and all of that. I like staying connected. Most of you are REALLY AWESOME photographers. You have adorable kids, cute animals, great fashion sense. Some of you are into fitness and post pictures of your progress and WOW! You're awesome. I love witnessing this from afar and cheering you on.
    But, let's face it, when you post a bazillion selfies, tagging things like #glutesalute. #sohot, and #ducklips, am I not supposed to be a little puzzled?
    What the crap is a glute salute anyways?

  •  Be real.
    If you're having a rough day, let Facebook know. If you're going through something hard or you're sick or just really down in the dumps, tell us. We'll encourage you and pray for you and everything. Be real.  Still, there's this balance between posting perfection and nothing but complaints. No one likes a Debbie Downer or a Perfect,Perky  Petunia (is that a thing or did I just make that up? Can it be a thing?)


  • Be careful about your kids
    I love seeing pics of your kiddos. They're adorable, and it's fun.
    Sometimes, a picture of your bundles of joy every two hours is a little much, but, hey, I get it, they're adorable, and who wouldn't want to see all of that cuteness all over their wall?
    But please be careful.
    Those rampant complaints about your child? Not cool. Sure, EVERYONE has a bad day or even a really rough streak (Terribly Twos, anyone?), but, one day, your child may find that post. Okay, Maybe not your toddler, but your pubescent preteen might.Sure, we all have a right to complain now and again, but, if that person finds that post, how will you feel? Embarrassed? Justified? How? Always think twice before you post.
    I can preach this from experience: imagine eighteen-year-old me, leaving home for college, complaining about my parents, and then my mom finding those blog posts.
    Um, most awkward Thanksgiving EVER.
    Ever, people. EVER.
  •  Teens, I'm sorry he doesn't love you, but you'll have a new crush next week.
    Seriously honeys, it's not the end of the world. Been there, done that, and in my old age all I can do is roll my eyes.
    You're twelve. Those butterflies and giggles you get when he walks in a room? Not soul-matching, universe-singing true love. That's crush, sweetheart, and sorry, but there will be lots of those over the next few years.
    And don't rush it.
    I reiterate: YOU'RE TWELVE. Okay, maybe some of you are sixteen. That's just more drama than you already have or need.
    Hormones. Gah. Boo. Yuck.

  • Oh my gosh with the politics already! Or campaigns for organic or the evils of vaccinations or whatever platform you claim . . .
    I believe in being informed and having an opinion. I believe in doing research and finding a cause and a passion. I do. I have causes and beliefs and research I believe in--causes, opinions, and research I will, on occasion, share on my wall. I think it's awesome that we can do that and that it allows us to educate each other. It's fabulous.
    But there comes a line, people. A line where it suddenly becomes too much; where it goes from proclamation to screaming, from information to a sermon, and it doesn't soften my heart towards your position. It fact, it hardens it. I stop reading and thinking and instead just roll my eyes. Here they go again, for the twelfth time today, another post on ____. BLAH.
    Why? Because sometimes it's too much or it's too mean (has anyone else noticed how BRUTAL people become when you post politics??? Oh, laaaaawdy). 
    I love that social media like Facebook allows us to share things we find important, but doing the same, harsh, belittling, or fearful ranting over and over and over again only makes me more indifferent to your cause. Instead, post a few strong, well-presented articles or videos.  Having one wonderful post/link proclaiming your cause is better than beating my wall to death with dozens of lousy posts. 
Just a thought.

Do I sound like a dreadful person?

I probably do.
I'm very nice, usually, I promise . . .



  1. I really enjoyed reading this because I can relate to EVERYTHING you have written! I often look at facebook statuses and think "Why on earth would you write that?!". And a massive pet peeve of mine is "I'm so angry right now, but I don't want to talk about it."
    Do you find that a lot?
    Ellie xxx

  2. I really like this post, because I feel like many posts about the problems of facebook tend to be like...I don't like any of my friend's statuses and photos and I don't like hearing about what's going on in their lives...and I wonder why? Because I do like seeing my friends pictures and hearing what they're up to, because they're my friends! :) But yes, some editing needs to go on--taking family fights to facebook is not a smart idea. I have a feeling that I don't notice the politics stuff as much as most because comparatively few of my facebook friends are American. And I do have a personal rule of not 'friending' teenagers on FB. Including my 14 year old brother-in-law, because I think they way that young teens often use FB is not very smart, and I don't want to be a part of it.

  3. This is funny. I can relate to some of them. But what on earth is a glute salute indeed?

  4. Um, yeah, I could have written this myself. Spot on, friend. Spot on.

  5. Whoot! So glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!

  6. Judging from the person who posted it . . . Well, I don't know if she was trying to communicate that her butt was so perky it was saluting or that she was so proud of it she was saluting it . . . or felt that it needed saluting . . . or something . . .
    I think it's geat when people work out and all that, but I'm sure on I'm board with "Check out my new buff perky butt!" or anything similar, really.

  7. I love seeing what's going on, too! Even if it's just being nosy ;]
    I can understand the frustration, though, if someone's web life seems SO incredibly perfect and that stirs up jealousy (in that case, maybe unfriend? Because, if you're that jealous, are you really pals anyways?).
    I don't understand how people make family drama so incredibly public. A private message to a trusted friend or two I get, but just ranting about drama immediately following its occurrence??? No, no, no, NO! Bad idea.
    Now that election year is long gone, the political posts are fewer save a few VERY politically minded friends, but, now, it's more the EAT ORGANIC OR YOU'RE KILLING YOURSELF or VACCINATING CHILDREN IS PURE EVIL!!! And while I don't criticize anyone for following those lifestyles, I do get tired of it multiple times a day everyday on my wall. It just ends up feeling like fear-mongering.
    Teenagers are funny, but, yeah, they can sometimes be less than bright with some of their posts. I have a few teenage friends because some of my old students wanted to friend me after I had moved, and, really, they use Facebook on almost the same level as some adults I've friended. I don't know if that means the teens are really good users or the adults aren't so much . . . .

  8. Yes! Sometimes people are just way too personal. It's hard to know what's too much information on the internet, sometimes, but golly.
    I haven't encountered too many of the "I'm angry but don't ask me why" posts . . . There are a couple of my friends who have done it a couple of times, though. It's like, "Omg my life sucks. I'm so angry!" A concerned friend replies, and then the poster replies with "Message me." Ok, if it's so personal you only want to reply in a private message WHY publicly proclaim it as a status update?! Why not just message those friends with whom you're comfortable sharing??? It just feels like begging for attention . . .

    Oh, Facebook . . .

  9. exactly! They should create a "lookatmebook" for certain people!

  10. For some people, I think they call it "Instagram" ;)

  11. Ha! So True! But I'm probably guilty of all these myself ;)


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