Thursday, October 21, 2010

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
--Oscar Wilde
 I love a good deal. Ok, so who doesn't? But, really I looooooove a good deal. The best deal of all? Pants.
I can pass up clothes pretty much any day, even sales' rack pieces, but pants for sale? Nope, not ever. I must possess them.

Allow me to explain: 

Pay no attention to the cutie I am embracing. No, instead, look below my waistline. 
To that bubble. 
Yeah, that one. The BIG one. The one that, in no way, belongs on a Caucasian female physique.
No one's really sure where it came from, but the moment I hit puberty WHAM-O! J-Lo booty galore!
It has haunted me ever since -_-. 

I've tried running, dieting, weight-training, yoga--everything but plastic surgery, and the stinkin thing will not leave. It is permanently attached. Luckily, my husband doesn't mind it, not one little bit. In fact, he sort of likes it . . . a lot, and in the process, I'm beginning to accept it, even like it, myself.
Anyways, to the point, pants shopping is a NIGHTMARE. If a pair fits my massive rear-end, they're too big on my waist. Then there are the pants that fit my waist . . . and I can barely get over my thighs. Pants shopping is my own personal level of fashion hell.

Then, I discovered the glories of Ann Taylor Loft. I'll be honest, was not  the first place I'd choose shop. In fact, I almost didn't go in--the prices made my stomach hurt, and I couldn't see myself in those pretty, preppy styles. Then, I found them. My goodness, my gracious, my golly, Sarah-Bubble-Bootie Pants. But they don't call them that.
My friends, allow me to introduce, the Loft's Julie Pants. 

A glove, ladies and gents. These pants fit like a glove. I bought my first pair full price three months ago (and nearly cried doing so -- they normally range from $59.99-$69.99 -- I would have never spent that much except I was desperate for new work pants after over a month of searching). Yesterday, I bought two more pairs on clearance. For $25.00 each.
Now do you see what I mean when I say "I can't resist a good pants sale"? I now own three pairs, each a different color, and love them all! Not too tight, not too loose. The fabric is thick without being too heavy or too clingy. They're the perfect length for a cute pair of flats or small, snappy heels. The waist is low enough to be comfortable and hip but high enough that you don't have to worry about mooning your boss.
I don't dry my pants because I have a phobia of shrinking any pants that fit, so I can't tell you how they react to the dryer. I can tell you that they don't shrink in the washer, though, and don't wrinkle horribly.
In a single word: LOVE!

Just to point out some examples of other fantastic sales . . .
I also found a fabulous moss-green cardigan for $20 that was normally $60. *sigh* I love a good cardigan.

Another fun Loft steal? An online exclusive, normally $45 that I found for $15. 

I have the chest to match the butt, so I need a little more swimsuit to keep the girls from making a surprise guest appearance . . . if you get my drift *wink. This suit was perfect! And the sales price was as much or less than some tops at Target (one of my favorite swimsuit stops) but better quality and better fit . . . and more fabric. Comfortable, modest, supportive, and just plain cute! Again: LOVE!

Well-made, versatile clothes for every shape and size. Overpriced normally on the rack, but the SUPERB and frequent sales make it worth it.
So, if you see a sale sign, definitely check it out. You may be surprised :)

How about you? Favorite sale spot? Sale item you can't resist?


  1. I am SOOOO with you. Whenever I tell my hubby I am trying to lose a few pounds or tone up he gets this look on his face and says, "as long as you dont lose that butt!" hahaha. But really pant shopping sucks. I have found that Levis fit me really well. I get the straight leg (not skinny) and they are slouch so they arent super low on the hips, and they hang off my booty JUST right.

  2. Oh lord, I always have to get my swimsuit tops tailored because my cup size apparently warrants a band that's like four inches bigger than my actual chest.

    I am SO glad you found your pants-soulmate, lady!


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