Monday, September 27, 2010

Down on the Street Where You Live . . .

 A good home must be made, not bought.
-Joyce Maynard

Apparently, a high-traffic mom blog (Kelly's Korner) started a "Show Us Your Home Friday" where we show a room each Friday . . . considering that my apartment is really only two and a half rooms . . . I thought I might as well do the whole kit and caboodle. :) That and it's not Friday, so I'm going to guess I'm kind of exempt from the rules.

 Living Room:
 The photographs on the wall were taken by Chris's cousin, Amy, of Chris and Joe, Amy's bro and Chris's best bud, being all musical and such. Not only are they awesome pictures, but they definitely help balance out that big empty wall. 
The painting is one of my originals. I made it before the wedding, and, in the process, got acrylic paint all over my parents' driveway. Oops ;) 
The awesome paper lantern lamp is from World Market Place, and the couch and coffee table are Ikea. end table and papasan were pieces Chris and I each brought from our old bedrooms, not really sure where either came from. Bird pillows (love them ^_^) are from JCPenny, and the round pillow is a Target piece.

Just a different view . . . Entertainment set is another Ikea piece. The star above is another one of Chris's from before we were married. The rug is World Market Place. Ottoman is from Target (are you sensing a theme in where we shop? haha), and the gaming chair was a hand-me-down from Chris's aunt. The speakers didn't work, so her boys didn't want it, and we did. Ah-HA! ^_^
And, yes, Boba Fett is hiding in the corner next to the TV . . .


 There is very little interesting about my kitchen . . . but here it is haha. It's a good place, and it lets me make food. That's the point, right?

 Dining Nook:
 The table and chairs were on sale from World Market Place, which is where we also found the place settings, as well. The wall hanging is an oil piece Chris bought during his trip to Africa, and the little red fish is something we picked up during our honeymoon in the Bahamas. The tea pot and cups are more little nick knacks from Chris's old place -- he has a wonderfully eclectic assortment of odds and ends. 

 Picture wall in the hallway. We found the frames at Old Time Pottery and Walgreens, oddly enough.

Game Room/Bat Cave . . . and now cat room, as well:

 Chris stained the bookshelf and desk on the right.
The second desk was a steal from the Salvation army. 
The massive papasan was a Christmas gift to Chris a couple of years back . . . I think it's a World Marketplace item as well.

 My Gamer ^_^


 Ok, so you have to admit that this IS the most important room anywhere.
Picture frames were a Christmas gift from Chris's sister, Julie, from Urban Outfitters. Towels are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and the bathroom rugs are from Chris's old place, once again.

 My favorite part of the bathroom: our epic curtain from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Master (Only) Bedroom:

Bed frame, bedside tables, and lamp to the right are from Ikea.
Bed spread and pillows are a set from JCPenny.
Curtains are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 
The little lamp on the right is one of mine from before we were married--not sure where it came from, but I love it.
The picture frames were from Michael's, I believe, and were all used on our guestbook table at the wedding featuring some of our favorite engagement pictures. The large picture frame in the center is the actual guestbook. I love that we can use our guestbook as decoration. ^_^
 Oh and the rifle by the bed is something Chris has yet to put away . . . no it's not loaded haha. The man is oh so proud of his gun and knife collection, all safely locked away. 

 Second view. ^_^
The dresser is from Ikea (again), and the round mirrors (love!) and corner lamp are from Target. The clock was a gift from Chris's friend, Asher, who, I believe, found it at Urban Outfitters. Everything else consist of random odds and ends Chris and I each collected over time.
The picture frame next to the TV is a collage I made for Chris for our first Christmas as a couple; it's an assortment of random images relating to inside jokes and date nights, scraps of the AIM conversation where Chris asked me out, all centered around our first "couple picture."
My cat ate the roses hanging on the wall so they no longer exist -_-

Chris says he's not a talented artist, but I say this sculpture hanging in the bedroom is living proof that he so completely IS. He made this for a sculpting class when he was at the community college roughly seven years ago. I remember coming over to his house for a sleepover with Julie and seeing it set out on his family's dining room table. I was in awe. As if he could not get any cooler, my best friend's super cute, smart, and musically awesome brother was an artist, too. Yep, I'm a lucky woman ^_^

How about you? What does your favorite space look like? Favorite room? Dream room? 

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  1. Ok this post makes me VERY jealous!! First off, everything is decorated beautifully!! Your bedroom is gorgeous. And I LOVE that shower curtain!! I am really into nature and anything with trees or leaves is an obsession of mine haha. We have been in our apartment for over a year and it is STILL not decorated :( We are lame.


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