Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"I'd give you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils"

Can you name movie the title's quoting??? It's one of three chick flicks I actually LOVE. For reals. I could watch this movie over and over and over again.
Anyways . . .
Confession: Once upon a time, I used to think it was spelled Wensday . . . because, really, no one says wed-nes-day. It’s more like a win-z-day. Like Winnie the Pooh.
You know, “Happy Windsday!” and then Piglet is quite literally blown away? Golly, I miss Winnie the Pooh . . .
My third/fifth college roommate (long story) called it “Hump Day” because, once you were over the middle of the week “hump” that was Wednesday, the weekend was in sight.
I tried to bring that back, but the hubs looked at me like I was insane.  So, yeah, that kind of died quickly . . . like lightning . . . (P.S. Speaking of Wednesdays/Wensdays/Windsdays, check out all the awesome Wednesday linkys at the bottom of the post! Huzzah!)
It’s also the first week of August, which is insane. I’m sorry, but, July, didn’t you just start like three days ago? Get your buns back here. Now. August needs to wait its turn.
 Because it may actually BE August (grrr), that means school is fast approaching, and, which, in turn means my former coworkers all gathered together yesterday for teacher orientation.  Without me. Because I’m not teaching this year.  BOO.
I loved my coworkers and my teaching job, I really did.
It’s upsetting realizing that I will not sit down with my teacher pals at lunch and talk about the new ridiculous antics our students dreamed up.  It’s REALLY upsetting that I won’t be seeing my little seventh graders who have sprouted into eighth graders and talk literature, grammar, and super hero movies with them.  Well, I’ll talk about grammar, and a third will listen, a third will be confused, and the other third will be making funny faces across the room thinking I don’t see them.
I may drop my marker more than dreamt humanly possible, but I DO see you. I see everything.
I apologize for the blur . . . but, you see, these kids don't stop moving . . . my my camera's shutter speed can't keep up with them . . . but here's just a tiny handful of my 78 kiddos . . .
 This year, we won’t do any of those things.
No, they have a new teacher, and I’m sure she/he’s fabulous, but I feel kind of like I’m giving up a group of puppies for adoption. I need to check out their new parent before I hand them over to be nurtured and taught. I don’t get to do that. Boo again. BOO.

My fifth period 8th graders--they're nuts. Love them :]

Then, I think about the late nights writing quizzes, lectures, lesson plans, answering emails, posting on the student website, and grading that MASS of student papers . . . and I feel ok about it. The job, that is. I’ll still miss the people . . . and my kiddos.
The precious girls always greeted me with the best hugs. I miss them :[
 New teacher: you’d better love them to bits.  Because they're awesome. Hyper, chatty, brilliant, snarky, sweet, and just plain fabulous. Love 'em for me.
Ha! I managed to sneak into a pic with some of my beautiful 8th grade girls! and Ben . . . Oh, Ben . . . ;]
And reinforce the proper use of “your,” “you’re,” “their,” “there,” “they’re,” and MLA format.  I mean DRILL that format until they cry Works Cited pages. Not even kidding.
 Because, if you don’t they’ll kind of forget it . . . and ask you about six times each class period how it’s done . . . again . . . not even kidding. 

When you’re not the one instructing, it’s actually pretty funny . . . so I guess I can laugh about it, now . . . and mope a little. I’m allowed to mope, right?

More 7th graders and part of our awesome middle school teaching team. Can you find me? I feel like I'm part of "Where's Waldo?"

The rest of you, have an AWESOME Hump Day! (HA! Totally bringing that back! . . . right?)

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  1. Until they bleed works cited pages. Hahahahah!!!!! I literally laughed out loud. You're amazing. What are you going to be doing in Cali for a job?

    1. Bleed, cry....same thing. MAKE IT HURT.

  2. Thanks for linking up girl!! You're the first one! Thanks for spreading the word too!!!! :)

  3. "A bouquet of sharpened pencils" You've Got Mail is one of my FAVORITE movies. Reading that line totally made me smile. :)

    Aw! I'm sure in your new adventure cross country you'll be able to find another awesome bunch!

  4. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you next week!

    Wonderful Wednesday Co-Host

  5. That's sad. Although I just teach Preschool, I'm already sad about the kids that I won't see this year who are off to kindergarten. Stopping by from the link up. I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim!

  6. Aww, such great pictures of your students, I love their big smiles. :) Thanks for sharing. -Mia


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