Monday, June 11, 2012

Game of Thrones . . . of the Realm of Cubicle

Well, peeps, here we are. It’s official summer, and I have officially started my summer employment. Where am I? Back at the celery-and-then-some company from last summer.

Oh, yes, darlings. You have no idea.

What am I most excited about?


Yes, it is just as cushy as it looks.
And, yes, it was the first thing I squealed about to the hubs.
I am just that ridiculously excited, people. It's the little things in life, right?

See, last summer, I had your normal, run-of-the mill office chair. And it killed me. I spent my first two weeks in pain because my desk was small, my computer was at an angle, and, no matter, what I did, the chair could not satisfy my Please-be-bearable-because-I-have-to-sit-in-you-all-day needs. My poor spine. Now? Desk with compy straight ahead, NOT at a miserable angle, and BIG COMFY CHAIR.
Ladies and gents, this calls for much jubilation.
Is this really what makes the day of people who regularly have cubicle jobs? Or is it just me?

But I digress. The real reason I’m excited is that Chris and I get to ride to work together, go home for lunch (yay for living ten minutes away!), and ride home together at five. FIVE. Yeah, that’s a normal workday for some folks, but, up until a week ago, Chris didn’t get home before 8:30 in the evening, and, even if I was home by 4:00, I still had mounds of papers, emails, and plans. NO LONGER!!! We come home, we let the dog out, we cook, we eat, we clean, we chill, we aim for bed by ten. We are such retirees, right?

Chris started working a week ago, and, I must say that I was shocked when he came home and the sun was still out. I cooked. Like five meals. I hardly ever REALLY cooked when I was teaching.
Oh, and I kept the kitchen clean. Nightmare, really . . . small kitchen, many pots . . . People are not allowed to be in my house if the kitchen's messy. Yep.
And folded that mountain of laundry that’s been haunting us. Have you ever lived weeks out of a mountain of clothes? Do you the definition of unmatched socks? Or the fact that, no matter where you put this mountian, the cats find it and claim it as throne and cat-hair-central? I CONQUERED THAT.
And, gosh darn it, I even mopped the floors.
Hand me my pearls and call me June Cleaver, please, dear.

AND!!! Played mom for my two baby sisters from Thursday through Sunday.

Every sister sleepover we have, we make homemade pizza. It's a highlight of the weekend :]

And there must be cake-pops after a shopping trip!

Aren’t they adorable?
Yes, yes they are.

And the conversations ensuing about which sister was which “My Little Pony” over sculpt creations? Yeah, it was just that awesome.
And exhausting. Hats off to you parentals. Seriously.

You know, I keep meaning to tell you about the end of school, my students, and the mishap that was teacher-end-of-the-year-workday . . . but maybe next time.

They call that suspense, yes?

P.S. I love that the hubs picked some groceries up for me, came in the door and asked, “Aren’t you going to smell the fabric softener?”
What a random question . . . “Oh, honey, I’m sure it’s fine. Thanks for picking it up.”
The next day, I’m getting ready to run a load, and I notice it’s citrus-scented fabric softener.
I LOVE citrus.
And the hubs wanted me to know that he remembered.
Yes, I think I'll keep him ;]

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  1. I completely understand the office chair! I just stacked THREE phone books under my computer monitor so I wouldn't be staring down at it and giving myself a hunch back.

    Can you please also stop with the suspense and tell us this story?!


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