Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things may be looking up . . .

  • Have you ever seen "Little Shop of Horrors"?
I've discovered something about myself: I love movies that you can tell were plays, once. Or you imagine they could be plays.
And dark quirky musicals? With Steve Martin revealing the truth about dentists? Oh, honey, right up my alley.

  • I have 78 research papers to grade. 
Are you envious?
You totally should be.
Or not.

  • Speaking of papers, one of my students posted this on my FB page . . . 
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Not only does it feature the worst of the Star Wars films (Episode III as an example of power? Pfffft please, child), but, when you realize this student still hasn't turned in his paper . . . that I've been walking them through step by step since January . . .  I'm in that odd place between laughing and fury.  Foolish, foolish child.
"You can't win, Darth. Strike me down, and I will become even more powerful than you could possibly imagine."
Dang. Straight.

  • I chopped my hair off two weeks ago.
I've been wanting a pixie cut for years . . . but I always kind of thought that I'd end up looking like a pumpkin.
Then, the Saturday before Easter, I took the plunge. Mostly.

It went from this . . .

Featuring the squid mug I painted for my birthday at All Fired Up Pottery . . . I'm kind of obsessed with squid at the moment . . .
Oh, and P.S. This is the only pic that really turned out . . .
Case and Point:

And that's a really good one. Oi.
The hubs should never be a professional photographer . . . Not because he's not any good, but because he gives confusing instructions and seems to prefer taking awkward pictures than cute one . . .

To this:

All dressed up in Easter duds!
With half my hair! Whoo! Love! 

Not quite a pixie cut, but it's the shortest I've ever had it, and I love it.
I honestly didn't realize how short it was in the back until I was in a dressing room with one of those angled mirrors so you can see just how BIG those pants make your butt look.  I then realized I hadn't seen the back of my head in weeks. And my hair is as short or shorter in the back than the hubs' hair is . . .

So, now, when we accidentally wear the same colored tees, jeans, and black chucks . . . and square glasses . . . we look like ying-yang clones of each other.
No, seriously, we're not THAT couple.
It's a total accident.
So we're that other irritating matching couple. The accidental one. Not the intentional matching kind.
. . . I'm not sure if that makes us better or worse . . .

Chris had an interview today . . . 
For a possible new job . . . that would be pretty awesome in lots of ways . . . more on that once we find out the results . . . Whoo-hoo!!!
We've loved his time at the bookstore, and, really, if this doesn't work out, we will continue to love being there.
. . . . Still . . . the opportunities presented could be pretty sweet with the new gig . . . ;]


  1. HA. i laughed out loud through this whole post. you let your students be your FB friends?! ah! i always want to friend my favorite college prof but he specifically told ME not to. so upset. i love him.

    anyway. quite hilarious that said student hasn't turned in their paper. welp. what can ya do? i would take great joy in marking down papers when students are like, um yeah. the dog ate it. hence why i'm going to be a counselor and not a teacher.


    IS FREAKING AMAZING! i am so in love with it. is that your natural color? girl, please. share some of that awesome with me.

  2. OH.AND. congratulations slash good luck to your hubby! i hope he gets the job!!!!

  3. Haha! Thank you! :]
    Yes, that is my natural color . . . I've asked to go black, lowlights, and blue stripes . . . hubs just about cries . . . so we compromised and I just got to chop it off :]
    Yes, we're allowed to be FB friends with students . . . but with many warnings and hesitations--you know, to prevent suing and arrests and things . . . So basically they see my posts and I see theirs and that's about it . . . except for this time . . . Silly child. Chris totally sides with you on the grading thing. I think he would have failed half of my students . . . just for the joy of yelling "F MINUS MINUS!!!" ;]

  4. Love the hair Sarah! It looks perfect on you :)

  5. 1. 78 papers? Horror. And the Facebooking students? No words.

    2. LOVE the new haircut - it's just...beyond. So perfect.

  6. hi :) i absolutely love your new do! and i just wanted to say i couldn't help but laugh a little at this post, eheh. made a follower out of me. hopefully we can connect!


  7. I've been in a SERIOUS job search hopefully your husband will land the gig and not only land the gig but enjoy the gig.


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