Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NEW!!!! Whether that makes it good or not, it's NEW!!!

Like the over-long title suggests, I have something new.
I'm not sure anyone is still reading this, but that's okay, I'll post anyways.


That's right. If you do read (and bless you, BLESS YOU for that), all future postings can be found at The Fugitive Pen. New lifestyle kind of seemed like it called for a new blog, sooooooo here we are. Still figuring out how often I can/will post, but it's a start. Any Way the Wind Blows will stay here for multiple reasons, but it will no longer be active.

Does that make this a relaunch or a rebranding?
All these  Boss Lady terms I can't really follow. HEALTH! MOTIVATE! DETERMINATION!! POST ALL THE POSTS!!! MAKE THE MONEYS!!!! and here I am sipping my creamer-laden coffee just trying to figure out how the laundry keeps turning into Mount Everest.

ANYWAYS ..... if you're still reading--BLESS YOU!!!--hop on over and hopefully I'll get a blogging rhythm going again. For now, excuse me while I prevent my toddler from "accidentally" reprogramming the television via frantic remote button pushing.

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