Thursday, April 14, 2016

Attempting . . .

Folks, I think it's been nearly a year since I updated.
Due to that simple fact, I'm not sure I can even use "folks" any more. In that case . . .
Hi me! Glad you're back, revisiting stuff. Maybe you'll find time to write more of it down at some point. Glad to see you're still kind of trying. Good for you. E for effort, all that jazz.

You see that kid in the pic above?
Kid not baby.
I know, it's killing me.
He's nearly 17 months old now. Last time you blogged, you had just finished his birth story. There's a lot in between there. I trust you have Facebook and Instagram posts to document that.
Well, I know you do because I'm you and you're me and we know what we've been up to.

Since that last post, I hav:

  • Bridesmaided another wedding
  • Cut my hair off (pixies for the win)
  • Got a tattoo (if you're in Central Florida, Zack at Ascension is AWESOME)
  • Had a stroke (yeah . . . weird . . . )
  • Moved back into the swamp cabin (you know, the one we lived in before the move to California)
  • Had a second stoke (nope, not kidding)
  • Threw a first birthday party one week after said stroke (thank the good Lord for mothers and mothers-in-law or that party never would have happened)
  • Saw a cardiologist who recommended a TEE (basically a colonoscopy of the heart, I forget the technical terms) 
  • Discovered via TEE that I had "vegetation" on my mitral valve that had poked a hole in it and faced possible open heart surgery ALL ONE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Plus--this was likely what caused the strokes.
  • After six nights in the hospital for evaluation, was sent home two days before Christmas with new meds
  • four days after release, went kayaking with the hubs and family down Weeki Wachi Springs (if you haven't done it, do it)
  • Six weeks later, chest echo revealed vegetation is likely dissolved (and, therefore, likely blood clots created by my clotting condition) and open heart surgery postponed until further notice (hopefully much further notice)
  • Chase around a toddler who is part Winnie the Pooh, part Godzilla, and part Jedi Knight. 
And that's the way the cookie crumbles. One day, we'll write it all down.

I guess it's quite the story.

All in all, God is good, all the time.
Even in crap so deep all you see and smell is crap.
There's light in the end of the tunnel, some day, you'll see it.
Oh, I hope you'll see it.

We found our light little by little. We still have questions--lots of questions--but we are so assured that God is good. Because there's a whole lot of sweetness here. We just had to dig for it a bit and then hold it, grip it tight for all we were worth.

It's all good in the end.
One day.

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