Friday, March 14, 2014


Peeps, despite the weird deal that is adult life (am I seriously one of those?), we've actually been having a lot of fun.
For instance, in January, Chris took me for a weekend in Yosemite. Heck to the YES.

The only thing that makes hiking more fun? Hiking with buddies!
I totally said that last bit in Emmet's voice from the Lego Movie.
Yes, I am an adult.

Meet Jesse and Sharon.
I knew they were awesome when they picked "Shaun of the Dead" for movie night.
Nerd friend test SUCCESS
What makes a trip like this even more fun for this former Florida girl?


Yeah, there wasn't very much of it, but it WAS there.
The waterfalls, however, were slightly less exciting only because good ole California is going through a drought.
I mean, it doesn't rain here much as it is, but there's been even less this spring, apparently.
Not that I would know--we've only been here a year.
The point is, the waterfalls were dry and still gorgeous.
I think there was a drought in Florida when I was like eight or something . . . otherwise, winter showers and summer thunderstorms every day.  For real. Between three and five o'clock every afternoon, the sky turns black and the heavens tear open with buckets and buckets of wet. It's end of the world kinda weather, peeps.
But that's Florida. We're used to it. In fact, if it doesn't show up, we kinda miss it. 
Not California.
I can't figure the weather out. Some days are gray and overcast, and I sit there, at the edge of my seat, waiting, waiting, WAITING for the downpour I know just HAS to be coming . . . and . . . . Nothing.
Not even diddly-squat.
It's such a tease -_-
Then, oh THEN it's super sneaky and just drizzles all night. The only sign of its visit? The fact that my dog absolutely REFUSES to step outside. Drives me bonkers.

Anyways, one of the upsides to the drought was that the dry riverbeds made for great rock climbing. Take a girl with absolutely no coordination and have her scramble up and down boulders without breaking her neck? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
Okay, I confess,  I was a bit of a wuss at first (and understandably so--if you've ever seen me attempt to walk in a straight line . . . well . . .), but I figured it out soon enough. It's one of my favorites, now.

Benefits of a dry riverbed with a bridge: YOU GET TO PLAY TROLLS!
Because we're totally adults.
And because "Troll Hunter" is awesome. If you haven't watched it, you should.
Day one, we wandered.
Day two, we wandered some more but set out to hike Vernal Falls.
Peeps, I confess, I was a party pooper. I didn't aim to be, but, doggone it, it was STEEP.
As in against gravity ("Oh gravity, thou art a heartless b*tch").
And, you know, Chris is kinda like the little engine that could--he sees a hill, thinks, "Ah-ah, a hill! A challenge!" and he decides to beat it by pure momentum.
You know how I tackle the battle against gravity?
I STOP, people.
I stop, gasp for breath, think, "Holy crap, all this cardio work and I'm still THIS outta shape?! Or is it just gravity? Can I choose to believe it's gravity's fault? Yeah, we'll do that."
Recover, then move forward ten steps.
Repeat process.
Take all day.
Yell at Chris to SLOW THE CRAP DOWN because he's half a mile ahead of me.
Favorite pic of our trip
We set up the tripod to actually get a group shot with Vernal Falls in the background (it was barely there . . next to my head, you can KINDA see it).  The gang thought it would be fun to do a mushy couple shot.
We were tricked.
But then the trip got better!

Proposals make everything more exciting. :] 
Yay for romance and weddings and all that lovely jazz!
Congrats, you guys! 

So that's our Yosemite trip. We can't wait to go back!


  1. Hurray for adventures! And proposals?? What a cool trip!

  2. OMG I LOVE YOSEMITE. SERIOUSLY MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD. (And yes, the all caps are totally necessary.) And congrats to your friends! Love her ring.

  3. It was fantastic! I can't wait to go back! It was such a fun first trip!


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