Saturday, November 16, 2013

To Christmas Card, or Not to Christmas Card?


You guys all know the formula: some day that's been marked on the calendar for weeks, Mom rounds the whole family up in semi-matching outfits and marches them outside for the best possibly lighting. There you meet a willing friend ("willing" meaning that they've either been tricked, paid, or blackmailed into the situation), or a professional armed with a camera.
And you pose.
And you smile.
Until your cheeks hurt.
Possibly both sets of cheeks if you're in one of those awkward squatting positions utilized to fit everyone in the picture.

Okay, maybe I'm painting a very negative image of the Christmas family photo op. Maybe some of you have awesome traditions taking candid photos. 
Or you love getting your picture taken. 
Or you just ALWAYS look great in front of the camera.

Or maybe you're like my in-laws and dress up the pets because it's more fun and canines are more cooperative than humans.
Last year, the dogs starred as Mary, Joseph, and an angel.

Or maybe you're like my family.
Where Thanksgiving day, everyone looks their best--in past years, color coordinated, but recently not so much--and we all pose in front of the same set of bushes at my Aunt Sandy's house with my uncle snapping shots of all of us posed and smiling.
My brother, sister, and I start making goofy comments and laughing for two reasons:
1. It makes long periods of pretending to be happy fun.
2. You're actually seeing GENUINE smiles on our faces.
My mother claims our strategy makes for longer picture taking. 
And it's true. Sometimes, it takes an hour or more.

 Chris ..... Well ..... Chris has never made a secret of his feelings towards the posed family photo. Over the years, you can tell how long we've been posing based on his facial expression. He begins looking a bit cheery and ends with a barely disguised scowl.
He really, really, REALLY hates long posed photos sessions.
It's funny because he loved our engagement and wedding photo shoots, but the moment any woman says, "Okay, I wan a family photo!"
He audibly sighs and rolls his eyes.
His eyes even have a sound effect.
It's the groan of bored misery. 

So, we'd kind of settled that we would never do Christmas photos or Christmas cards. It just seemed like one more chance to be awkward or pretend--Here we all are, looking our best, because we are totally this happy all the time.  
We'd possibly reconsider if, you know, our Christmas card were something like this.

Because Bill Murray is just kind of the best ever.

Then I found THIS post, and started thinking that, maybe just maybe, Christmas cards wouldn't be so bad. They might be fun even.
And then I realized maybe people really are just trying to get a nice photo of everyone together.
That maybe it's the only family photo of the whole gang all together.
Maybe it's the chance to keep loved ones updated--those who aren't on Facebook or online or anything.
And maybe it is just plain fun ;]

How about you?
Do you guys do Christmas cards and photos or not so much?
Why or why not?


  1. We do Christmas cards because I love making cards, though I don't send out "family" pictures...because it's just the two of us. I actually love getting pictures taken--we did family pictures with my Dad's whole side (24 people) and of my immediate family this last weekend (10 people) and we had fun--stressful moments too when you're trying to fit everyone in, but mostly we were being goofy and pretending to look cool. :) It's a rare moment when everyone is in a same country at the same time, and I do think it's worth commemorating! Last year my parents sent out a "brady bunch" style family picture because we were all over the place. That Bill Murray card is hilarious. And so weird...

  2. When you have that many people from so many places all together at once, that is TOTALLY worth commemorating! How cool!

    We haven't sent out Christmas cards before because our families were all . . . um. . . like within a thirty minute drive. They didn't need cards or pictures to remember us or know we were thinking about them. They had us on their doorstep once a week! ;] Now that we're across the country, we're strongly considering it.
    Bill Murray is just too funny to pass up, really. ;]

  3. Michelle @ Jarrah JungleNovember 24, 2013 at 6:41 AM

    Its not really a done thing here in Australia to make your own cards, but I do think they are fun, especially Bill Murrays what a crack up!

  4. I Christmas card. but not with my face on it. Because who wants to look at that? its not like they don't see it enough on facebook, anyway :P


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