Friday, March 22, 2013

Not much happens around these here parts . . . or does it?

Today,  I went to get dressed and noticed something was a little different. I have a gap.
Like there is the teeniest, TINIEST spot of empty space where my thighs used to meet.

I did a little dance. For a little gap. For a little success.

I'm not sure if this is normal--this level of excitement over some fat destroyed (cause we're pretty much hoping that we never let it come back . . . "lost" tends to imply I mean to find it again . . . Yeah, NO).  Maybe it is. Or maybe this is just another low point in my existence, demonstrating, once again, how my life is less than thrilling.

Today, my second biggest "interesting" moment was when I opened a bag of newly purchased cotton balls and found this:

I'm pretty sure I've eaten Wheaties of greater magnitude. The picture really doesn't capture how tiny these suckers are. TINY.
I was so astounded that I took a picture and posted it on Facebook, asking if this was the true average cotton ball size or if California is rationing my cotton ball usage.

I then realized what I was posting and added this:

And then I blogged about it. Yes, this is a low point, folks.  I'm well aware. -_-

I mean, it's not like stuff doesn't happen around here.

Last Friday was my birthday . . . So I cleaned the house . . . Then Chris saved the day by taking me out to sushi, dessert, and buying me fabulous gifts :]
Including boxes of his two favorite Girl Scout cookies, but we're kind of overlooking that ;] I mean, they're Girl Scout cookies--it's not like you can go wrong with those. At all. EVER.
And I made sure to share. ;]

The next day, we ran off to the Monterey Aquarium (one of my all-time favorite places).  If you follow my instagram (or, you know, pay attention to the left sidebar), you've seen these, but, because I haven't gone through and edited the photos on my actual camera, here's my iPhone's take on the aquarium:

The hubs takes his photography very seriously (it's something else he does WAY better than I do ;]).
Also, I'm in love with him in the hat.

In other news . . . 

Monday, my sis-in-law found out that she's having a little boy!
They were both really REALLY hoping for a little girl, but, the moment they found out the gender, Julie went nuts buying little boy things and just couldn't be more excited.  I'm going to have a nephew!

P.S. Still REALLY weirded out by saying that. I can say, "Chris is going to have a nephew" or "Chris is going to be an uncle" with no problem. But me? Yeah, no . . . Can't e say it. Can't quite admit it.  I'm just the girl Chris is married to who's watching this all go down and celebrating. 

I'll actually get to see her and her baby bump come Wednesday because Chris's folks are coming for business/pleasure.

This means I need to get back to straightening my disaster of a storage space guest room. I kind of feel like I'm working with Cinderella's ugly stepsister here: you can dress it up all you like, but it's still not  attractive. That's this room.  And I have to have it ready for someone to sleep in come Wednesday.

Procrastination, thy name is ME. 


  1. The gap it totally worth celebrating and blogging about and shouting from the rooftops! Love the pics, too.

  2. That aquarium looks so, so, so cool!! And we just found out that we're going to be aunt and uncle for the first time too--Angel's (little) brother and his wife are expecting....and that makes me feel irrevocably grown up.

  3. Hey there long time no hear! Hopefully this will put a smile on your dial ... Iv nominated you for the Liester Blog award :) You can check it out here


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