Friday, February 22, 2013

Things You Probably Don't Need to Know . . .

First off,  I have a confession: I have found myself on the internet . . . All my awkwardness and insecurities and nerdities displayed in one character: Cyd Sherman aka Codex from The Guild.  Every time she stares into her webcam and stammers a confession of her own social anxieties, I'm like "Oh my GOSH! ME, TOO!!!" Forget that she's a fictional character, Codex gets it. I bet she obsessively rubs her hands together whenever she's nervous, too . . . or maybe that's just me . . .

If someone were to ever make a movie of my life (you know if it suddenly gets thrilling or heartbreaking or something), I would beg Felicia Day to play the part. I mean BEG BEG. Because I adore her. I just do.

More confessions . . . .

  • I love peanut butter like most women love chocolate. Like I can't live without it. I take on chocolate chip cookies, baked into cookies, on bananas, apples, graham crackers, as pie . . . I definitely go through phases where I don't touch it for weeks, but I kind of need it in my larder AT ALL TIMES. Just in case.

I don't know why I'm writing about food . . . I'm not hungry . . . maybe I am? I don't know.

  • Some of my worst nightmares involve my teeth falling out.
  • Willow and Oz from "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" are one of my all-time FAVORITE TV couples, mostly because of Oz, I think. His dry wit is so . . . just . . . love it. Couldn't resist it if I tried, even if he is short . . . and a werewolf . . . Oh, minor details, am I right?

From this moment, I was hooked.
I don't care how "has-been" Buffy is, I  NEED a Team Oz shirt. Not even kidding. 

  •  I still have my rock collection that I started when I was ten. Trading rocks and sea shells was the only time I was comfortable haggling, and, even then, I felt guilty afterwards because I was pretty sure I'd swindled my friend.
  • I want to learn to crochet mainly because I want to make scarves . . . mostly Harry Potter Hogwarts House-themed scarves . . . Go Ravenclaw! (Alas, my nerdhood abounds . . . )
  • I am HORRIFICALLY near-sighted. Things get blurry if they're six inches away from my nose. I need laser-eye surgery or I'll probably be legally blind by 50.
  • In social situations with strangers, I drink copious amounts of water because I feel like my mouth needs to do something but I'm too nervous to make it speak. I'm best hydrated when anxious, apparently.
  • Despite this, I really enjoy public speaking, performing on stage, meeting new people, and going to parties.
  • I didn't start painting until I was in college because I was afraid I couldn't do it. Up until that point, my only artistic experience was sketching with pencils. When my freshman roommate introduced me to other mediums, I fell in love and became an art minor (I'm not nearly talented enough to be an art MAJOR--I just like to dabble). 
I've only let Chris hang up one of my paintings: this one little experiment called Heaven and Earth that I created right before our wedding. My parents driveway still has paint spots on it . . .
The photographs are of Chris and his best pal, Joe, being all musical and were taken by Joe's sister, Amy
  •   My favorite painting was one I did to piss off my art teacher.  We were supposed to do a painting in values (grays, whites, and blacks) using basic, angular shapes. I didn't understand the assignment, so I did it in my dorm room the night before.  Turns out, it was an in-class project, my painting didn't fit the criteria, and, instead of letting me grab a new canvas (or give me a canvas sheet as he had other students) the man made me paint over it. HE DEMANDED I KILL MY BRAIN CHILD. MURDER!!! So, enraged and heartbroken, I did just that.  The new shades of gray painting featured little dolls with faces like The Scream playing on this giant, box-shaped, toy tiger with gaping jaws. I called it Preyground. I think my teacher thought I was deranged. Apparently, someone liked it because it was stolen from the art room. I've never gotten over that.
    P.S. Can you tell I'm incredibly passive aggressive? Maybe?
  • I'm a night owl in the worst kind of way. I also love owls in the best kind of way. Just adore them. I think that must be why they're kind of the theme of my new living room . . .
  • I've traveled to Nicaragua, Tokyo, China, the Bahamas, and Great Britain. Spending a semester in London was one of the best decisions I ever made. I miss it almost every day.
    There are still so many new places I need to see before I die . . .
  • I have absolutely NO sense of direction. At all. I'm constantly having to check my hands for my wedding rings to remember which way is left.
  • All our pet's names are references to something nerdish--"Navi" is the fairy from the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; "Pipkin" is one of my favorite characters from Watership Down; and "Shasta," along with being Chris's favorite soda, is a character from Chris's favorite Chronicles of Narnia book, The Horse and His Boy.
Have I said too much? Sometimes, I worry that I do . . .  But, anyways, just little random things about me . . . Thanks for reading! You're a champ!


  1. You make me laugh.
    I hate peanut butter. Except on celery. I cannot get enough. Ever. Also take 5's which are like my favorite candy ever. But pb&j? VOM. I used to tell people i was allergic when I was little so that their moms wouldn't feed me pb&j when I was at their house. Thumbs up for me.
    But my favorite thing from this list is the direction thing!!! ME TOO! OMG. I still don't know my right from my left. I'm always like "take a right hand turn" and Evan will have to correct me that it's actually left. I'm so inept. I look at my hands and do the pointer and thumb in the shape of an "L" to determine which is which. HAHAHAHAHA so glad someone understands!!!

  2. Swirling toilet bowl of death, I believe was the name of your first painting :)

    1. Hahaha YES! It totally was. ;]
      I still have it, just haven't found a place to hang it.
      Miss you and our painting sessions to Dune!


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