Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite . . .

Every time I fly, I think of that song. I don't know why.
Oh, Mary Poppins . . . practically perfect in every way :]

As I type this, I'm sitting next to my husband, watching out the window as our plane to San Fransisco is pulling up to the gate . . .

Which means this is really happening.

The whole week is kind of a blur, but it was a good week. Eventful, stressful, but good. Lots of family visits, lots of fun, lots of goodbyes.  The goodbye hasn't really hit me yet.

At the next gate, there's a small child nearby chanting, "Mama! Papa! Mama! Papa!" incessantly.  We're trying REALLY hard not to laugh.

Chris is sneezing and rearranged  our bags for the upteenth time. You never know how much stuff you have until you try to fit it on a suitcase . . . or three . . . I am proud to announce that I fit a week's worth of clothes for the two of us into a single carry-on.  I'll take my worthy traveler badge, now, thank-you-very-much.

The missing people hasn't fully hit me, yet.  It will soon, I'm sure--I don't know what will happen when it does . . . I don't do tears, well.  The new-place-is-permanent hasn't settled in as reality. This has been a "plan" for so long, you never really think you'll see it, feel it.  But here it is.  Part of me is still kind of in denial . . . the rest of me is bouncy around like a maniac child on a sugar rush, and I'm trying to contain it. Does it seem insensitive that I don't cry? We'll be back for a visit in June . . . and, if this doesn't work out, you know . . . but I'm really, really, REALLY hoping it works out. You have no idea.

Boarding in ten minutes.
This is totally happening.


  1. What Mary Poppins song do you think of exactly? Whenever I fly I always think of that song .. Im leaving on a jet plane dont know when Ill be back again ...
    Im very impressed you fit all those clothes in that little suitcase. Im sure youll have a wonderful time, enjoy it x

  2. You're going to be fiiiiine! This new and exciting adventure with your husband?! I am SO jealous. Plus Cali. Girl, please. It'll hit you and you'll be sad for a minute and then you'll fall into a new routine and beautiful life and it'll be so amazing. And June is a second away so you'll be back to see everyone before you know it. I hope it works out for you, too! Because it is just the coolest story, ever!

  3. Hi Sarah!

    I found you through La Mia Vita this morning and what a small world you're moving to San Juan Bautista! My friend Cheryl and I (fellow bloggers) both live in the Santa Cruz area, but commute to San Juan Bautista every day for work. If you'd like to meet for lunch sometime, we'd love to get you more acquainted with the central coast area... it's heaven here! :)

    Me (Heather):

    Hope you're getting all settled in! :)


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