Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nerdish Outbursts

First off, thank you SO MUCH all you lovely ladies who commented with great encouragement on my last post.  It really brightened my day and helped put on a new perspective.  Life's a journey, and it can only be a great one with a few detours and bumps on the road, right? Thank you so, so much! You're awesome!

And, now, on with the blog . . .

Some days, life is pretty slow. 
When you’re a cubicle minion oft forgotten, it’s REALLY slow . . . but that’s ok because I like slow, and, really, I now know about 300 different ways to prepare chicken and spray paint the living daylights out of any and all inanimate objects—thank you, Pinterest.
Then, you stop, and go, huh, maybe it’s not so slow . . . or maybe it is and the little things get that much cooler.
Friday featured the first time since Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (don’t judge—that movie was epic, Avengers worthy even, I’m not even kidding) that I chilled with the “English Department.” I might not be currently employed as one, but I will always be an English teacher, and my other literary pals totally get it.  Once you’re in, you’re in.  Your brain never quite gets out of that education-book-lover-must-love-and-share-all-the-literary-goodness mode.
Shelly, Jessica, and I all decked-out in Who shirts for the premiere . . . thanks, Jess, for the picture!
Oh, and we’re all Harry Potter, Tolkien, Lewis, Star Wars, superhero, and Dr. Who nerds. WORD. (That’s right, I said “WORD”).  We actually gathered, their hubs and kiddo included, to watch BBC America’s premiere of the new Dr. Who season.

Holy freakin’ crap from heaven.

If you’re not on the Dr. Who fan train, I don’t know how . . . I just don’t.  The hubs shrugs and says, “I COULD like it—I mean, what I’ve seen is ok—but I’m just not going to invest the time in it right now.”
As far as I’m concerned, the man doesn’t have a choice. Not really.  I’ve won him over to Supernatural, Firefly, and LOST, I WILL bring him to the Who Side.

Anyways, highlight of the evening, being asked, “So, where are you and Chris going to be living again?”
“Well, he’ll be working in Salinas—“
And everyone in the room simultaneously burst out, “OOOH!!! STEINBECK!!!”
Are we book nerds or are we book nerds?
Speaking of nerds, I have to say that Guild Wars 2 is pretty much living up to all the hype. I’ve waited four years for this sucker to hatch onto the interwebs, and, now, here it is in all its pixelated glory. 
Yeah, I'm kind of loving the Sylvari Ranger . . . Such a super nerd . . .
Sure, like any game, it has its downsides, but I’m loving it. In fact, I’ll probably never touch WoW again, sorry, Chris . . . though they will have Kung Fu Pandas in a month . . . seriously, kung-fu-fighting bloody pandas . . . who ride turtles . . .
I have been a nerd for far too long because think that this is just too cool.  I mean, seriously, it’s a PANDA on a TURTLE!!! How can this not be AWESOME?!?!
Still . . . I’ll let Chris have that one and I’ll just watch.  WoW is just too repetitive for me—it feels like a variety of random acts of violence with little to no plot. I know there’s a plot . . . but I can’t find it, so I’m kind of “meh” with it.

Chris sent me this pic . . . he swears that the "Gamer Girl" looks EXACTLY like me when I'm playing--coloring, expression, hair, the works--I'm simultaneously flattered and kind of bewildered . . . mostly because I only play after showering, geeze . . . dinner may take a backseat, but I'm gonna save Hyrule clean, thank you very much . . . now that I think about it, I'm not sure that that's much better . . .

Could I be any more of a nerd? Why, YES, I could. For Labor Day, the hubs and I spent the day watching the ORIGINAL Special Edition (the ONLY edition, really) on VHS (we're THAT hardcore--Blu-Ray Lucas edits? Gimme a break, LAME) Star Wars Trilogy and eating Han-Burgers while drinking Yoda Soda. Are you embarrassed for me yet?
So that’s my nerd-overload. 
If you can still stand me, props to you, I'll be normal again this weekend when there are no more premieres or time to revel in sci-fi masterpieces.
It’s been a fun week as something new has come up--no house yet, but life continues to develop.   More to share later!

And, no, it's not a baby.
Why do I feel like I have to clarify that?

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  1. Favorite nerd. ;] Bahaha

    Evan uses to play wow until I said NO MORE! We've never watched Dr. Who and Star Wars is only okay but more okay in Disney World than on my TV. Hahaha actually I've been wondering about Dr Who because eveeeeeryone keeps talking about it! And I might be interested. But Lost, yes. I loved Lost.


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