Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When the Job-Monster Takes Over

Yesterday, I came home, sat on the couch to Netflix and some paper grading, and found myself dozing off, so I opted for the more comfy option and hopped into bed.
Just for a 20 minute nap, mind you. No biggie.
Well, except for the fact, that I decided, ok five more minutes . . . and didn't wake up . . . for two hours.
Because my brain didn't think it was asleep. In fact, it thought it was still lecturing on Henry VIII and Bloody Mary. And telling students to calm down. Oh and that there was a change in the lesson plans, make sure you make a note of that . . . I woke up shocked to find myself in bed with a cat on my lap.

Does my subconscious get paid over-time for working off the clock? Because, my dream-self was working hard in that classroom.

In other news, while I drown in papers and quizzes, I find condolence in the fact that the kids love me. One boy and his mother told me that I'm one of his favorites. Why? "Because you don't skimp on the gore."
Dude, it's Greek mythology. The gore's the best part.
And, yes, I'm keeping it PG here, folks ;]

Oh and I love what I'm doing. I've totally found my match. It's not a goldmine, it's not filled with fame or prestige, but I wake up every day looking forward to my work. I feel alive in the classroom instead of half asleep.
And, good grief, I love these kids.
They're awkward, they're loud, they're wacky, and they are just fabulous. Quite literally fabulous.

Now, back to trying to bring some sense of order to my disastrous home. A friend once said that, with teaching, you must choose between two things: an ordered house or an ordered classroom. At this point, it looks like I just might have chosen classroom . . . my poor husband.

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  1. I love the bit about the gore - that's really sweet, actually. Because it means that you're not skimping and the kids are noticing that!

    Keep your head up, doll! Tomorrow is Friday. Thank HEAVENS.


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