Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Yummies and Other Oddities(or Why "Little Vietnam" is Awesome)

The hubs and I met a couple of pals in the area fondly known as "little Vietnam." Everyone knows what spot I'm talking about--every major city has one. They're awesome. Period.
Several months ago, my brother introduced me to the glories of a little shop called Dong A's (that's Dong AH not Dong A . . . just in case you were wondering). Today, I realized I don't go enough. It has the coolest candies around, fresh produce, every kind of saki (we bought pink sparkling), curry, chopsticks, and herbal tea for every ailment (detox, acne, muscles and . . . romance tea? Hm. Interesting . . . I wish the details were English so I could actually figure out what that does--is it called "romantic" for its rich, sultry taste? Is it a mood-setter? Or . . . something else . . . The hubs won't bring it home to figure it out).
Oh and there are live fish in the seafood section.
Like fish as big as my face swimming in tanks going, "Fish. I'm what's for dinner."

Plus, the labels are filled with Engrish gems.

Why, yes, thank you I WILL have fun with these gummies.
Oh, come on, that label's funny.
The best was for sour lemon candies labeled "SUPER LEMON! OH! POWERFUL CANDY!"
The first thing Chris said upon eating one: "OH MY GOD!! POWERFUL CANDY!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"
Yes, it was sour enough to make your eyes water and your jaw muscles tighten into near lockjaw severity. Yeow.
Practical joke worthy? I think yes.

On that little note, I'm going back to my grading.
Grading for 78 kids isn't easy.
Especially when there's a paper a week and quizzes and the daily homework grades.
And it all gets to be in by 6 PM Sunday. Powerschool, mine old enemy, we meet again. I reiterate: you are a total killjoy. Blah on you and all your circuits. Seriously.
My time management is in serious need of makeover because surely there MUST be a way that it's possible to do this and still have some remnant of a life.
Tell me that there is . . . or I'm just turning in my newly-acquired almost-social status and crawling back into my hole.
The good news is, my new study makes for a pleasant grading environment with all my book friends, kitty study buddies, and cheery green walls. Ah, "A Room of One's Own" . . . Mrs. Woolf would be proud.

Speaking of kitten study buddies . . .
Those are papers I was in the middle of grading . . . Just make yourself comfy there, Pip. No, no, you're not in the way at all.

On that note .  . .
Ta-ta and have an awesome Labor Day!

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  1. Grading for 78?! OH MY WORD. Good luck finding your routine for this school year, darling!


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